Google Calendar

Keep your life click at a time!

Professional Organization, Tutoring Schedules, Assignment Due Dates, and MORE!

This course will teach you the importance of professional organization, how to implement tutoring schedules and assignment due dates using Google Calendar.

How can I use this in my classroom?

  • Organization of lesson plans or meetings
  • Tutoring Schedule for students
  • Test/Quiz/Assignment Schedule for students and parents--embed a calendar into your Canvas course!
  • Scheduling of important events or activities (band concerts, sporting events, parent-teacher conferences, etc!)
  • Email Notifications helps keep you on track

Introductory Task

How to access Google Calendar:

1. Sign into your email account.

2. Click on the 9 boxes (waffle) located in the top right corner.

3. Click on 'My Calendar'

You can also type in into your browser. You will be prompted to sign in using your FCS School email address.

Recording #7

Google Calendar Challenge

1. Open up your 'Google Calendar'

2. Find the day that you would like to schedule your event and click on it.

3. Click 'Edit Event'

4. Enter the following information: Event Title, Time, Location, Description & Event Color.

5. You have the option to 'Add a Guest' if you would like to invite an additional person to this event or meeting.

6. Click 'Save' (red button located at the top)

In order to get your BADGE...

In order to receive credit for your badge, you must create FIVE Google Calendar events and include all of the requirements listed below.

Submission Requirements:

1. You must create at least 5 SEPARATE events.

2. Please enter the following information for each event: Event Title, Time, Location, Description & Event Color.

3. You must provide a screen shot of your events. You can upload your screenshot into your Google Drive. This will provide you with a "shareable link".

4. Click on the 'Google Calendar Badge' button below to submit your "shareable link".

Tweet About It!

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