Cambridge HS Media Center News

January 2013

Periodicals? Magazines?

Whatever you like to call them, they are finally rolling in! We have approximately 30 titles, from "fluff" like People, Entertainment Weekly, and Atlanta Magazine to more educational titles like Foreign Affairs, The Economist, and Scientific American. Some of these may offer online access, so if you're interested, check with us and we'll give you any passwords you may need!

Like to show off your students' work? So do we!

We've been fortunate to host some super cool artwork here in the media center, and we're always looking for ways to make the media center more student-centered. If you have some student projects that need an audience, consider letting us showcase that work for you!

Our electronic resources are growing... You won't believe the titles we have for you...and an APP!

Your Cambridge HS Media Center is BURSTING with excitement over the hundreds of volumes of electronic reference books we have for you and your students. Check out the list below for a sample. In addition, the "Access My Library-School Edition" app (free in the iTunes store as well as the Android market) gives users the ability to access all of our resources from their phone or tablet in an easier, browser-free interface. The password is cambridge.

A small sample of our titles: (all titles accessible by all students simultaneously in class and/or from home)

  • African American Eras (4 v)
  • American Decades (10 v)
  • Animal & Plant Anatomy (11 v)
  • Chemical Elements (3 v)
  • Constitutional Amendments (3 v)
  • Diseases and Disorders (3 v)
  • Drama for Students (16 v)
  • Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol & Addictive Behavior (4 v)
  • Encyclopedia of U.S. Political History (7 v)
  • European Writers (14 v)
  • Gale Contextual Encyclopedia of World Literature (4 v)
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Health (2 v)
  • History in Dispute (21 v)
  • International Encyclopedia of Political Science (8 v)
  • Nations and Nationalism (4 v)
  • Novels for Students (16 v)
  • Poetry for Students (16 v)
  • Popular Controversies in World History (4 v)
  • Scholarships, Fellowships and Loans (3 v)
  • Supreme Court Drama: Cases that Changed America (5 v)
  • U*X*L Encyclopedia of Biomes (3 v)
  • U*X*L Encyclopedia of World Mythology (5 v)
  • World Eras (10 v)

Fulton Student Media Festival

The Fulton County Student Media Festival is seeking outstanding student work. If you know a student who is great at computer "stuff," please send them our way! Students who enjoy website design, computer animation, live-action videos, even slideshow-type presentations such as PowerPoint are good candidates to enter the competition. The county festival is in March, but our due date here at Cambridge will be February 25th. More information can be found at

Cambridge Media Center--here to support YOU!

Please let Mrs. MacMillan know if your department would like a short lesson on how to use any of our resources!