Friday Review

Friday, October 13, 2017

It’s Benchmark Time

Benchmark Schedule:

October 18 – English Language Arts (6-8)- 2 Hour Delay Schedule

October 19 – Math (6-8th grade) / Math I (8th Grade Only)- 2 Hour Delay Schedule

October 20 – Make Ups and Students with Testing over 2 Days Accommodations

October 23 – Science (8th Grade Only)- Regular Schedule

October 24 – Make Ups / Students Testing Multiple Days- Regular Schedule

October 25- Make Ups- Regular Schedule

Here are a few reminders:

  • Please be mindful that testing will be taking place throughout the school building during the entire benchmark window (dates listed above). There are to be no announcements, noise in the hallway, or etc. that may disrupt testing.
  • You will receive your testing packet no later than October 16, 2017. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Dunham.
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Thoughts from Mrs. Lewis....

  • Field trips planning should be designed just like a lesson in your class. Activities should be designed just as you would in your class. Overnight field trips that happen annually (ie. competitions for band/CTE or annual grade level trips) should be submitted up to a year in advance to give time for fundraising or securing of money. If you want to take a field trip for early January or September, you need to submit them the semester before. Also, field trips that may take place as a result of possible competition advancement (for example you place locally in a competition, and are advancing to regionals and possibly to state competitions) are to be planned ahead of time. If you work with a competitive group, go ahead and complete field trip forms and submit, just in case. There are ONLY 2 times that field trips trips are approved in September and December.
  • Have Learning Focused questions you are trying to solve? Fill out this Learning Focused Question Form so C&I can address them:

  • The afternoon assembly schedule, the dismissal procedure has been changed (see below).

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What's New?

  • Wednesday, October 18 is our big "Backyard Brawl" game vs. Carver at Scotland High School. We will have a pep rally that afternoon to recognize all of our Fall sports teams. To get hyped for the game, 6th grade students will wear white, 7th grade will red, and 8th will wear black. Also, students may purchase "Spartan Nation" shirts for $10 in the lobby in the morning, at lunch or in PE in classes. Students are not allowed to leave class to purchase shirts.Teachers may purchase shirts for $8.
  • Please elect student council representatives for each TEAM and send the names to Griswold by Wednesday, October 18. Each team should choose one boy and one girl representative.
  • All field trips for the first semester have been approved.
  • All fabric in classrooms must be treated with fire retardant. If you need fire retardant spray, see Ms. Brayboy.
  • Grade level chairs should have helped to work out hall and locker supervision. See your chair.
  • A list of grant opportunities is located:
  • If you apply for a grant, we must report to Central Office. Use the link below. Thanks!

  • MTSS roll out meetings will be held on Monday, October 16th during each grade levels planning. We will discuss Tier one and distribute purple folders as well as other MTSS procedures for the year. All MTSS forms can be obtained via the live binder at:

    Access Code: cardinal

  • The SCS EC newsletter can be viewed here:

  • Dyslexia Fact sheet FYI:

  • First American Teachers Education (FATE)- UNCP is giving away full scholarships to American Indian lateral entry teachers to fulfill all their course work. See Ms. Brayboy if you or anyone you know is interested.

  • October is “Stand Up, Stand Strong, Stand Together Against Bullying” at Spring Hill Middle School. Help us join the fight to end bullying and share Spartan pride! Each homeroom is encouraged to “Stand Up, Stand Strong, Stand Together Against Bullying!” by participating in a poster contest! Posters must be completed and hung outside of your homeroom door by the end of Spartan time on Friday October 27th. Judging will take place on Friday October 27th by our electives teachers volunteers. There will be a winner from each grade level. The winners will be announced on during morning announcements on Tuesday October 31st . Doors will be judged based on creativity (20points), originality (20points) and anti-bullying message (20points). Your options are only limited to the size of your imagination! Contest winners will have a tech party on a date to be decided by the homeroom teacher.

Shout Outs

  • Shout out to Tonia Johnson, Sharyl Gross, and Ruth Ann Harris for stepping in at the last minute to work the volleyball game this past Monday.
  • Shout out to Dawn Salzlein and Carrie Macy for joining the Sunshine Club! Please don't forget to pay your dues so that we can support each other in times of need.
  • Shout out to to the girls volleyball team for a hard game against Anson in the playoffs on Monday. Although the girls didn't win, they had a great season!
  • Shout out to the Social Studies, Science, and Math teachers for being so enthusiastic and engaged during the DiscoveryEd Techbook training on Wednesday.
  • Shout out to the golf team who played at home at Deercroft on Tuesday. The team came in 2nd place. Devin Locklear came in 2nd place and Kate Carter came in 4th place. Championships are on next Tuesday, October 17 and the following players will compete: Asher Alexander, Kate Carter, Devin Locklear, and Bryan Miller. Good luck Spartans!
  • Shout out to the Cross Country Team for Thursday's first meet at Spring Hill! Our girls came in 2nd out of 7 teams and our boys came in 4th. We had two runners who placed in the top 10. Qiara Worth was 5th and Galilea Shultz was 6th!
  • Shout out to 8th and 7th grades for taking a chance and trying PBIS Rewards! Our kids are excited!
  • Shout out you our amazing club advisors. The halls were so quiet and kids were engaged and on task during club time. What a wonderful experience!

General Reminders

  • Are you supporting our chocolate fundraiser? Please encourage students to participate. As you learned in the Staff Meeting, we have the potential to earn $12,000 for incentives. Remind students to bring their money each week!
  • When you are absent, please see Audrey to find out how to ensure you have a good sub in place. Please leave assignments that do not involve students being on the computer.
  • Club Advisors (Project Pink, MOVE, Beta, Student Council, etc.) - Please make sure that you use Friday Review to post meeting times ahead of time. A list of students should be provided to teachers to ensure ONLY students in the club are allowed to attend meetings during Spartan Time.
  • Please be sure that students have a pass to leave class. We will work on providing each teacher with a pass for student use.
  • Staff, please avoid the front office at dismissal to eliminate disruption from dismissal routine.
  • Homeroom teachers....please feel free to invite your students to fill out the survey on our school website to order books for the Media Center. If they include their name, I will let them know the status of the order!
  • Please be reminded that it is a district expectation to enter grades in PowerSchool on a weekly basis. Parents, guardians, and student use the Parent/Student Portal to check grades and should be able to see their up-to-date progress.

  • Complete the anonymous Club Feedback form here:

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October 2017

October is Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia Awareness Month, Bullying Awareness, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Monday, October 16 - Boss's Day; School Bus Safety Week Begins; MTSS Meeting During Planning Periods; PBIS Committee Meeting @ 3:45pm; Volleyball vs. Cornerstone at Home

Tuesday, October 17 - Oban, Scotland students visit; Golf Championship; SIT Meeting

Wednesday, October 18 - ELA Benchmarks; Student Council Representative names due to K. Griswold; Football Pep Rally 2:30pm; Wacky Wednesday; Learning Focused PD (during planning); Football vs Carver @ SHS @ 5pm (Admissions: Henderson, Francis, Blue; Concessions: Gross; Monitors: Bream & Miller)

Thursday, October 19 - Math Benchmarks; Cross Country @ Richmond

Friday, October 20- No Clubs due to Benchmark Make Ups

Monday, October 23 - 8th Grade Science Benchmark; PTO World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser Ends

Tuesday, October 24- Benchmark Make Ups

Wednesday, October 25- Project PINK Meeting; Benchmark Make Ups; Stand Up Against Bullying "Unity Day" Wear Orange

Thursday, October 26 - Benchmark Make Ups; Cross Country @ Anson

Friday, October 27 - Benchmark Make Ups; End of 9 Weeks; New EC Teachers Meeting 8:00-4:00

Monday, October 30 - Optional Teacher Workday; Understanding Poverty Training (select teachers 8:00-3:30)

Tuesday, October 31 - Halloween

Wednesday, November 1- Project PINK Meeting;

PBIS Rewards Rollout!

Check out Mr. Wedlock rewarding his kids with Spartan Scans! He pulls up his student group on his smartboard and can just click on the name during the class period when students ROAR- very simple, no scanning involved. Thanks for the tip Mr. Wedlock!

Both the 8th and 7th grades are rolling out PBIS Rewards electronic management system. We are learning as we go. Here are some reminders:

  • As with stamps and tickets, teachers must scan with fidelity for the incentives program to work. The daily teacher goal is to scan 115 times per day. This should be the minimum. Refer to the guide distributed by Ms. Brayboy for other tips on what to scan student badges for.
  • For next week, students must earn 20 tickets to attend TLC.
  • Figure out what works for you to ensure students receive scans. You can scan from you smart phone, enter scans on your computer, or use Mr. Wedlock's technique.
  • Encourage students to be RESPONSIBLE and bring badges daily. Scanning badges for rewards is much easier than entering them in manually on the computer.
  • Teachers who teach 2 subjects should be scanning twice when students ROAR. Scan for ELA AND scan for Social Studies.
  • The PBIS Committee will meet on Monday. Some of the items to determine are: Can scans be purchased? Will we convert the old paper tickets to scans? What happens when student lose their badge? More to come after that meeting on Monday. If you have concerns, see your PBIS rep: (Bream- Electives; Williams & Quick- 6th grade; Oswald- 7th grade; Davis- 8th grade)
  • Encourage students to bring back chocolate money. The more money we have from that sale, the more cool things we can have for PBIS.
  • Set up your own store! Check out our list of FREE and FUN store items below.

Fun and Free (to you) PBIS Classroom Store Items

Promote positive behavior in your classroom. It is really contagious. When students see other students being rewarded for meeting ROAR expectations, they will follow. See Ms. Brayboy, Mrs. Dorainer Davis, or Mr. Bream to get your classroom set up and learn how to redeem scans for students. Some free things you can offer include:

  • Special helper in your classroom (assignment reviewer, class DJ, EQ writer, anchor chart artist, word wall organizer)
  • BYOD Day: Bring Your Own Drink Day (could also do BYOC- candy/chips; BYOM- music; BYOT- toy (spinner, stuffed animal)
  • Drop lowest grade
  • Extra time for homework/classwork pass
  • Extra library visit
  • "Fancy Friday Lunch": The student will be allowed to come to school dressed in their fancy clothes (dresses, ties, best attire) and may have a “fancy” lunch in the classroom. May even include dinner music as they eat
  • First in the lunch line or line leader
  • Game day with the Assistant Principal or Guidance Counselor
  • Hat Day
  • Homework Assignment Cut in Half
  • Homework Pass
  • "Just Call Me" (teacher's first name for the day)
  • Lunch with the Principal (we'll have to force Mrs. Lewis to eat lol)
  • Mismathed Clothes Day
  • Move seats
  • Pajama Day
  • "Top Spartans" photo display outside of your classroom
  • Principal/Assistant Principal Ugly Dress/Ugly Tie Day
  • Play with Autistic Class during lunch
  • Ride in Deputy Ford's car
  • Shout out during Spartan News
  • Show and Tell
  • Sit anywhere during lunch
  • Sit in the teacher's chair/desk
  • Skip an assignment
  • Sunglasses Day
  • Superhero Day
  • Work in the School Store
Check out 240 amazing ideas at:

Items for the Friday Review are due to Ms. Audrey Kingston every Thursday by noon.