The Dolphin Whistle

February 10th- Issue 24

Dear Parents,

Next week is Winter Break already! Please use some of the break time to help your child read books they like. Reading together with your child is one of the best ways to enjoy reading and here are some tips so you can have fun reading together:

  • Let your child choose the book.
  • Read right before bedtime or naptime when children are not quite so energetic.
  • Tell a story from the pictures in the book.
  • Ask your child to ask YOU questions about the story.

I hope you enjoy this family time and that everyone returns rested and ready to learn!

Best regards,

Theresa Lambert
Principal Mariano Castro Elementary

Talk to Your Child

In the month of February in your child’s class the focus is on being an Up-stander. Project Cornerstone parent volunteers will read the book Nobody Knew What To Do, by Becky Ray McCain. This book tells the story of how one child found the courage to be an UP-stander and tell a teacher about a fellow student who was being picked on and bullied by children in school.

We are often scared and don’t know what to do when we witness a bullying or conflict. As students learn and use bully prevention strategies (and see them used by others) their confidence in their ability to be UP-standers increases. One important UP-stander tool is learning that it is ok to make a report to an adult about a bullying or social conflict. Students should tell an adult when they see or hear anything that deals with preventing or protecting another student.

Throughout this month please talk to your child frequently about being an upstander, to support the focus happening at school.

Calendar of Upcoming Events

2/15 - 2/19: Winter Break

2/23 - Tuesday: The Exploratorium Field Trip - 3rd Grade Rms. 7 & 10, 8:50 AM-2:00 PM

2/24 - Wednesday: SSC, Staff Lounge - 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

2/25 - Thursday: FEI Foothill Strong Start for Kinder & TK , RM 24 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

2/25 - Thursday: MVWSD Board Meeting, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM, District Office

2/25 - Thursday: Music in Action Concert, 11:20 - 12:20 PM, MUR

3/2 - Wednesday: Flint Center for the Performing Arts Field Trip, Kinder, 9:00 - 1:10 PM

3/3 - Thursday, Project CornerStone, 8:40-9:30am or 6:30-7:30pm, Staff Lounge
3/3 - Thursday, Personal Success Award Assembly, 11:45 am, MUR
3/3 - Thursday, Silent Auction Dance Party, 5:00 pm, MUR
3/4- Wednesday, BTB Family Night, 4:00 pm. MUR
3/8- Tuesday, ELAC Meeting, 6:00 pm, MUR

From the District

Annual Earthquake Exercise March 15

The District will be conducting its annual earthquake exercise the morning of March 15 (rain date March 16). This is an opportunity for staff and students to test our emergency response actions and make improvements in those actions. As part of this exercise, we will be testing our student release and reunion procedure. We are in need of parents who can come to the school at the time of the exercise and help us test our procedures. Please contact your school secretary if you are able to assist. We appreciate your assistance in support of our students’ safety.


Summary of the PTA Meeting on January 27th

Summary of the PTA Meeting on January 27th


The PTA Meeting was packed with information and ideas about where to direct the students in the next school year 2016-17. There was child care, snacks, and Spanish interpretation.

PTA Goals were outlined

Possible fundraisers and workshops were introduced

Discussion about parent involvement & communications

Family activities & parent training ideas for the future

After School Tutoring & Classes-more available/prices

*Traditional PTA ideas such as Field Trips, Library Books, Teacher Reimbursement, Room Parent Program, Spirit Wear, and Box Tops/Labels for Education Programs were also noted.

At the end of the meeting, all present were able to preview some new ideas that the Spirit Wear Committee had prepared. Prices, colors, logo placement, and weather were all parts of the discussion. The Goal Remains: Affordable, Quality items to showcase our School Name & Logo; in the Colors that the children voted for.

There was a last minute presentation to remind all how easy it is to find, save and turn in Box Tops for Education AND Labels for Education. Everyone was encouraged to look on product packaging and to ask a few co-workers and distant relatives to save them!

**PTA is extremely important to guide our children’s school into the future years! This gives parents a chance to agree or deny possible plans that are being presented at these meetings. Please plan to attend, if you were not able. The meetings are not boring and we need you to participate for your student! **

The meeting was adjourned by our PTA President.

Next PTA Meeting-Mar 23rd@6:30pm! /Please Save the Date on your Calendar/

NEXT Castro Spirit Wear Sale! Tuesday, February 23rd (before and after school!)

$15 Hoodies for sale for Youths and Adults (each with a free Castro tote bag)

$5 Adult T-shirts for sale (Blue/white lettering AND Black/silver lettering available)

Safety Enhancements on Castro Street from El Camino to Miramonte

Hello families,

The City of Mountain View is proposing safety enhancements on Castro Street from El Camino to Miramonte. The redesign will have a huge impact to Graham Middle School students’ safety on their way to school. The design (attached) includes protected bike lanes, in-roadway blinky lights at crosswalks, and other safety enhancements. If you live south of Central Expressway, this may be your own child’s route to school when they hit 6th grade. Please consider supporting this great project in one or two ways:


Attend a study session at 5pm next Tuesday, February 9th in Council Chambers at City Hall (500 Castro Street). City Staff will present their design to City Council and take public comment. You’ll have three minutes if you’d like to speak, or just wear green to show your support.

Note the 5pm start time, not 5:30 as previously announced.

Safe Mountain View, a group of parents promoting safe road designs, will hold a meet-up outside City Hall at 4:30 for supporters to band together before the study session. RSVP


If you can’t make it to the study session, please write a letter with your thoughts to City Council:

The staff memo with the design is attached. Please find the study session agenda here:

Agenda (item 3.1)

SixFlags Read To Succeed

Student Reading Log due on February 24th.