TNVA Weekly Game Plan

September 19-23, 2016

Upcoming Events

  • 9/22 First day of FALL
  • 9/23 Bi-Weekly PLC
  • 9/30 All Call for K12 Teacher Welcome Videos/Commercials (submit to Tamra)
  • 10/10 & 10/11 Data Days
  • 10/17 Beginning of 2nd Nine Weeks

Videos could be:
  1. · Welcome to My Class
  2. · Intro to a New Unit
  3. · Data Review Videos—For example, a teacher going over the data from the interim assessment for the entire class.
  4. · Intro to a Novel
  5. · What to look for in the next unit
  6. · Lesson Review Video

K12 Training

Block off time each month for k12 training. As stated in staff meeting, trainings will be completed every two months this year. You are responsible to log into K12 training each month and complete required trainings. Your evaluator will reach out to you if you need to complete additional trainings.

Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Make sure to click on the link below to add your picture. Thank you to Jennifer Martinez for putting this together!!

Where can I find Staff meeting recordings and PPTs?

We are now housing all staff meeting recordings and ppts on our TNVA Sharepoint site. If you need a refresher or were absent and need to get caught up, SP is the place to find it all. :) Click on documents then Staff Meeting Information. Recordings will be loaded later this week.
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Reminder: Create weekly folders for your lesson plans

Your lesson plans should be made available in sharepoint prior to the delivery of your lesson. Please be sure to create folders for the week within your content area folder. If you have not done this, you'll need to go back and move them into the weekly folder.
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TNVA Triumphs

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Mrs. Burnett is explaining that some students will head to their GC to work on text structure while a small group will stay with her to remediate based on assessment data. Way to go Rachael!
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Ms. Steward is adding feedback to students papers in GC. Ongoing feedback, editing, and revising is a part of the learning taking place. Great job!

This week in the Twitterverse

Your #TNVA Praises

  • To the 8th grade team for ALL the help!

  • Tiffany and Stephanie work so hard for our kids every single day! I love my team.

  • Bobbi Brock-Cobb is the bomb!!!!

  • Allison York is the BOMB!! She is super helpful and always takes time to answer questions and keep me in the loop!

  • Faith really stepped up and helped out those of us with super full plates this week and I really, really appreciated her willingness to help! Thanks Faith! Also really love that I can count on 4th grade to make me laugh :)

  • Johnell tried to help me get into Renaissance Learning so I could pull reports and when it was stubborn, she pulled them for me so I could keep working. Thanks!

  • The #TNVA Math Team is full of #Innovators!! Love it!!!!

  • I love my team! They are awesome!

  • 8th grade having a great time at lunch at Mellow Mushroom! I love these people!

  • Enjoyed celebrating Melody's birthday yesterday. Can't believe a have a daughter who is 34. Where has time gone!

  • Many thanks to Laura Mason for answering my many questions!

  • Parents are LOVING the directory! Shout out to you all for making your profile fun and interesting!! Some parents have left comments praising teachers and staff!

  • Beth Fitch is taking learning to the next level in her classroom! She is creating on-line portfolios for her science students. She truly looks for the best ways to get students engaged! #getit
  • Karen Childres and Noel Grizzard are a perfect example of what EE and Ged. collaboration should look like. Thank you all for meeting this week to come up withe the best plan for your student! #StrongerTogether

Friday Meetings

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