Photography and Truth

Do photos help us understand the truth?

To what extend does photography limit or enhance our understanding of the truth?

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Socratic Discussion

  • Some of you will talk -- some of you will type on the back channel. Then we will switch.
  • We will continue this discussion throughout the unit to help you formulate ideas for your final exam essay.


Now that you've looked at photos and participated in a discussion, you should write a blog post sharing one photo (from these lists or elsewhere) that you think helps us understand truth, and one photo that you think hides or hinders the truth. Explain why you chose those particular photos.

The Exquisite Corpse

Begin reading "The Exquisite Corpse" essay. As you read, think about the main argument the author makes regarding photography's power to expose the truth. Be prepared for a reading quiz on Thursday.
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"The Schiavo Case"

Read the short article about Teri Schiavo. As you read, think about the author's stance on photography's power to limit or enhance our understanding of the truth. Make notes about the text on your chart to help you remember important details and quotes in the future.
Eddie Adams Talk About The Saigon Execution Photo


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Instagram -- limits or enhances?

Today, we'll read two articles about Instagram pictures. It is up to YOU to decide which side you fall on about IG. Do you think IG photos limit or enhance our understanding of someone's life.

Or, perhaps, is it the caption that makes the difference?

So... What's Your Opinion?

You're going to write a persuasive essay that states your position on the following question: To what extend does photography limit or enhance our understanding of the truth?

You WILL NOT use any of the sources we've used so far. You'll get to use those later. :) On this essay, use CHELPS to support your argument.

You should have:

  • An introduction that briefly explains the topic and states your position
  • Organized body paragraphs
  • At least 3 pieces of SPECIFIC evidence that support your position
  • A concession/rebuttal
  • A conclusion that restates your position and makes a lasting impression