Unsafe Labor Conditions in America

Jessica Simpson

Purpose of Project

The purpose of this project is to show the social injustice in To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee and in Bryan's Stevenson's Ted talk "We need to talk about social injustice" compared to unsafe labor conditions in the United Sates.

Bryan's Stevenson's Ted talk "We need to talk about social injustice" talks about our identity and how we can either lose it or reclaim it. Some ways you can lose it are labels, our justice system, and we give up and lose meaning of hope. We can reclaim our identity by the way we help society, standing up for what we believe in, and becoming open minded with our community witch can result in coming together as one.

In To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee the citizens of Maycomb discriminate African Americans. This is called social injustice witch is an act of violating an entire group of peoples rights. Social injustice can also be called human rights violation. In Lee's book Tom Robertson, an African American, was in a trial and is innocent, but he was against a white man so no matter what Tom was guilty. This proved that the blacks had no say in anything witch is an injustice.

Modern Day "Mockingbirds"

In the book To Kill A Mockingbird Atticus sates that it is a sin to kill a mockingbird. Mockingbirds are innocent creatures and do no harm, therefore killing or harming them is wrong because they don't do no harm. The workers affected by unsafe conditions are modern day mockingbirds. Some examples of mockingbirds are Michael Mitchell and Brandon Ball. Both of them got hurt in the same factory. In Michael's innocent he got killed but Brandon got extremely hurt and then went into coma. Their mockingbirds because their innocent because their innocents were not their fault, it was the machinery. These sort of innocents wouldn't happened if the factory was safer.
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Social Context: "The Disease"

The key causes of the social injustice are many citizens and immigrants every day are getting hurt and even killed in the workplace. The companies are hiding these unsafe conditions from the government and are not helping the workers. For example companies in the meat and poultry division deny workers ever getting hurt. Workers also say the companies don't give them proper training and breaks during their shift. Our personal and national role is to make sure the government finds out about the injustice. Such as immigrants fleeing their homeland at time of crisis. Their promised jobs in under three months and never receive one, layer they become homeless with no family or place to go.
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Becoming Atticus Finch

We can respond to the social injustice like Atticus by doing everything we can do to help; even if society doesn't want to take charge. These actions relate to Atticus definition of courage witch is standing up for what you believe is right even if everyone thinks your wrong. In the California apple factory they use benzene and n-hexane frequently. Those chemicals are very harsh and can result in cancer after being in the presence of it for a long period of time. Many concerned citizens went to the government demanding them to limit the use of the chemicals. Apple agreed and will only use benzene and n-hexane in the final step for making products, instead of almost all of the steps.
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