Cloud Collaboration

Google tools


Supply Inc

I will be working with twenty people with different backgrounds in computer. This training will take place from a conference room. Their ages o ranges from 19 to 50; each participants holds different titles in Supply Inc. They have been with the company over 7 years and has little knowledge about working in cloud.

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Day 1

Face to face session


Introduction of participants


Introduction to Cloud


Participants will view a video on Google docs

View a short video on Google Drive

Participants will view a Video on Google Sheet


Break up groups

Group discussion

Day 2

Online session


Set up a Google account

Creating and sharing Google Docs


Video on creating form

Coffee break


Participants working on creating their own

Collaborating in Google docs

Face to Face session

What is the Cloud?
Computer Basics: What is the Cloud?

Videos of three Google Tools

Google Docs 2012 Beginners Tutorial
Going Google with Google Drive

Group Session

Participants will break up in groups of 5. One individual will act as scribe for their group; recording all their needs and concerns about Cloud.
Intro to Google Sheets
Loading form...

Online session

  • Create a Google account
  • Working in Google docs
  • Sharing Folders with co-workers
  • Participants will go in to Google and try to create Google docs and collaborate
  • Video on creating Google form
  • Creating form in Google
Creating and Sharing Google Docs Folders