Leprechaun Trap

Come help us cacth the Lepechaun

The Little Leprechaun Trap

Little Leprechaun Trap is the name of my trap. Use the diagram drawn that shows the assembly of the trap. Once assembled follow these steps for the trap to work.

  • Press the green wedge down to the floor, so the opposite end is inclined by the fishing line.

  • Next, when the leprechaun walks towards the shinny gold that is attached to the floor, the wedge will tilt downward making the fishing line tight, which rotates the pulley to drop the trap on the leprechaun.

Materials need

The materials needed for the trap are pulley, wheel, fishing line, a rod, screw, and a wedge.You need to build your trap out of the items above.

Some pictures

The Leprechauns simple machines

Simple Machines

The simple machines used in the trap are helpful in catching leprechauns that like shinny gold!The simple machine in my trap are a pulley,wheel,fishing line,a rod,screw,and wedge.

Let go catch that leprechaun

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