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What? Who? Me? Really God?

Classical Christian Community

Classical Conversations is founded on the 3 Cs - Classical, Christian and Community. The Classical model is a tool for learning. Christian is a Christ Centered world-view. Community is equipping and encouraging one another.

Considering CC & the Gift of Community

Points to consider regarding community shared by Tucker Teague in the Writer's Circle

God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

Is God calling you to be a part of the tutoring team at Classical Conversations of Broken Arrow

Qualifications include:

Parents who have home schooled for a year or more

Parents who have a child enrolled in the program they are tutoring

Parents who have a Christ centered world view and agree with CC's statement of faith

Parents willing to invest in the lives of others by sharing their time and talents

CC Statement of Faith

Tutors agree with the statement of faith


What are the benefits of tutoring?

  • You are preparing to present material and therefore know the material well, which in turn helps at home with your own children's schooling.
  • The pay can help offset the cost of your own children's enrollment.
  • You will have the opportunity to know your students and parents well.
  • You will always be engaged during class time.

Will I be considered an employee of Classical Conversations?

No. You will be an independent contractor and issued a 1099 MISC for the tax year. Visit with your tax professional regarding filing as an independent contractor, various schedules and possible deductions.

Are there tax deductions as an independent contractor?

Yes. Always consult your tax professional.

Are there additional training opportunities available?

Yes! Resources include your director, other tutors, and other parents in community, resources on CC connected, webinars on the CC Portal for Essentials tutors, and Facebook pages dedicated to Foundations or Essentials tutors.


What is the time commitment for Foundations?
  • Weekly In Class- 8:45 am to 12:00 pm on community day leading a class for Foundations including teachers and students
  • Weekly Preparation at Home - 1-2 hours for Foundations
  • Summer Preparation - attend 3 day tutor training for your program
  • Quarterly Tutor Meetings - attend a 2 to 3 hour tutor training before each 6 weeks

What is the pay for tutoring Foundations? Take 60% of tuition paid to the community and divide it among the number of Foundations tutors. My experience says roughly $50-$60 per week x 24 weeks.

When are Foundations tutors paid? Checks are given during week 6, 12, 18 and 24

What is the tutor:student ratio? Never greater than 1:9 with at least one other adult present at all times

What supplies must I purchase as a Foundations tutor?

  • Foundations Guide
  • Timeline Cards
  • Discovering Great Artists
  • Van Cleave's 201 Science Experiments
  • Classical Music for Dummies
  • Tin Whistle
  • Optional: Cycle specific CDs, Memory Master flashcards, CC Connected subscription
  • Classroom supplies for your use such as dry erase markers, review materials, etc
  • Classroom supplies for students are all provided
The Lost Tools of Learning

A MUST read for all parents who are choosing a classical model when educating their children.