Green Acres Gazette

Green Acres Elementary School

Letter From The Principal

Greetings Green Acres Families!

Thank you for opening our new "Green Acres Gazette!" In addition to our school website, parent bulletin board, flyers, and periodic phone messages, I am hoping you feel informed, included and valued as an important Green Acres partner in the education of your child. So much has happened and continues to happen here at our wonderful school, so I hope you are filled with pride as you read all the wonderful tidbits of information.

At the beginning of the school year, I invited all students to attend a Lion Culture Climate Assembly in which I explained: the purposes of coming to school, behavioral expectations, setting academic goals, and encouraging social-emotional behaviors that contribute to the overall positive culture of our school. I explained the rule of five for attendance (do not miss more than five days of school for the year) and put them in charge of helping to create and maintain a happy school. I shared that we each play an important part in helping others feel safe to learn and feel valued as members of our learning community. Well, I am so proud to report that students were listening! The first trimester here at Green Acres has been full of successes. Several students have met their first-trimester academic goals, several students have earned perfect attendance bracelets, and several classrooms have had 97% attendance rates! Students have collectively been awarded hundreds of Poga Paws for displaying wanted behaviors and many have been awarded certificates of honor at our monthly Lion Pride Assemblies. Goals matter and we make sure students know this because it empowers them and increases their self-efficacy. I will continue this messaging at our next Culture Climate Assembly and offer continued encouragement to establish goals, check them periodically and help students realize them. We are in the business of creating a champion mentality in which all kids believe that they can. Go Lions!

Below I will share more on attendance, our school governance, and important updates that impact our school. Please check our website regularly for calendar dates and events.

I hope you enjoy the newsletter and I look forward to your continued support as we enter the second trimester of school. See you on campus!


Ms. Taylor, Proud Principal

English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC)

Our ELAC is made of parents who's children are learning English as a second language. They advise our School Site Council, evaluate English Learner data, school data, and help ensure we meet our Title I compliance goals. They select topics for parent workshops, promote pathways to helping students achieve the state bi-literacy seal, provide input to help students increase ELPAC (English Language Proficiency Assessments of California) scores and provide feedback regarding our School Plan for Student Achievement. This council meets monthly in our school library.

This year, they will launch our Language Ambassadors program on December 18, 2019, from 5:30-7:00 with an event titled "Hispanic Holidays or Fiestas Navidenas". Please read the calendar event below and look for our reservation flyer sent home for more information and registration. Everyone interested in learning more about multilingualism is encouraged to participate.

Members of ELAC

"Hispanic Holidays" An Intro to Language Ambassadors / Noche Navidenas

Wednesday, Dec. 18th 2019 at 5:30-7pm

Green Acres

ELAC is sponsoring a cultural look at Hispanic traditions to share with the Green Acres Families. This event is an introduction to Language Ambassadors, a program we participate in to promote multilingualism and encourages students to obtain the Biliteracy Seal upon high school graduation. We encourage all students and adults to learn something new about the languages and traditions of others in our community. We will also share ideas about possible projects to consider for Language Ambassadors. Students will have an opportunity to create a craft, dinner will be sold, and free Mexican Hot Chocolate and cookies will be shared. Please RSVP by returning the printed invitation sent home so we can be sure to have enough food and materials for all.

School Site Council

Our School Site Council (SSC) is made up of five parents and five Green Acres staff members. They meet monthly to discuss and annually approve our School Plan for Student Achievement. They evaluate school data, school needs and help ensure that we meet our Title I compliance goals which include evaluating our safety plan, parent involvement plan, and parent-school compact to name a few. These members were voted in by parents and teachers to represent the entire school community. The committee is made of members as follows:

Theresa Ruiz Decker - Parent/Chairman, Jen Campagnolo - Parent /Vice Chairman,

K Starr Simon - Parent, Ben Kennedy - Parent,

Lisa Rispaud 1st Grade Teacher - Secretary, Stacy Arista 3rd Grade Teacher,

Katie Orlando 5th Grade Teacher, Erica Sowder- Speech Therapist,

and Rebecca Taylor - Principal.

They are a highly effective group of individuals and make valuable contributions to the intricate details of our school. Thank you, SSC!

Attendance Corner - Facts and Data

Last year our attendance rate was 94%, which was the lowest in the district. This impacted our school test scores as well as our average daily attendance (which determines our funding). This double negative effect can be avoided by sending students to school every day and on time. We encourage making healthy lifestyle choices that prevent illness and prevent low student energy by promoting frequent hand washing, daily baths, healthy diets, and an early bedtime.

Here on campus, we have made a lot of changes to help parents get students here for example; we have supervision in the cafeteria and the playground at 7:30 am to encourage breakfast at school and early drop-offs. We have created recognition programs to encourage attendance; perfect attendance bracelets, pizza parties, kinder chocolate kisses for parents and parades for kinder students. Teachers and office staff make daily phone calls when students are absent and every effort is made to let students know that when they are not here, they are missed. Our efforts have shown great improvements!

DATA: Period #1 = 97%, Period #2 = 96.46%, Period #3 = 96. 64%

It's important that everyone understand that these efforts are to prevent academic gaps, student disconnectedness, and to protect our valuable and costly resources. I would like to thank all parents that have made efforts to avoid taking students out of school for unexcusable reasons and for getting students here on time, as well as avoiding early checkouts. As many of you have heard me say; the 180 days of school have been planned and the curriculum is set. We just need our students here! Every minute counts as we work to deliver a high-quality education to all students every day and all day! Do not underestimate the power of your influence in helping Green Acres meet our attendance goals. You matter too! Let's continue to work together to help students achieve!

Parking and Our Drop Off Zones

We realize parking is a challenge for us here at Green Acres, and we need everyone working together to make drop-off and pick-up time the best possible experience for everyone. Safety is first so please keep the following in mind when dropping off and/or picking up.

1) Please avoid parking in areas marked in red, labeled NO PARKING, or marked STAFF.

2) Please do not park or stay more than 45 seconds in the DROP OFF ZONE. Be courteous.

3) Please do not leave your car unattended in the DROP OFF ZONE. Respect that everyone

has a schedule to keep.

4) Follow the arrows painted on the ground. See pictures.

Thank you for your part in keeping students safe, helping our school run efficiently, and supporting our drop off procedures. We want everyone to start and end the day with a smile so let's all continue to model timely planning for the children and to avoid unnecessary stress/rushing for ourselves and others.

The Big Picture - Live Oak School District News and Updates

Our superintendent, Dr. Lorie Chamberland, has been actively seeking audiences and inputs to keep all stakeholders informed about our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and our potential district calendar change. She presented our district LCAP here at Green Acres on November 19, 2019, and collected input from parents to inform further work in our district. She also sent home flyers and emails encouraging all parents to give their input in the potential change of our school calendar as several surrounding districts are also considering changes. The impact of aligning our calendars is great since our community shares many resources that involve summer programs, testing, college admissions, etc. She continues to collect information and will compile all her findings to present to the board and ultimately decide the direction our district will take for the 2020-2021 school year. We are grateful for her efforts in seeking advice and input and will keep you informed of any updates.

Reindeer Run 2019

Monday, Dec. 16th 2019 at 9:30-11:30am

Green Acres Track

Our Reindeer Run is set! All families are invited to attend this entertaining event where our Lions turn into reindeer and run for the fun it! It's a great way to promote healthy lifestyle choices, promote a positive school culture/climate, enthusiastically build up peers, and celebrate being a kid! We hope you can join us. Thank you Ms. Rispaud for being our lead reindeer!

Science/Art/P.E./Music/Mindfulness/Positive Growth Mindset

All of these subjects are intricate parts of the educational experience of students here at Green Acres which makes attendance here so unique. Our collective efforts to focus on the whole child is common practice and embraced by our staff. Science experiments happen regularly and students are developing a rich academic vocabulary centered around science. Our TK-3rd-grade students have joined our 4th and 5th-grade students in exposure to art via our Spectra Art Programs sponsored by our Education Foundation and with the support of our Local Parcel Taxes. Be sure to ask your children what they are learning and actively listen at all they willingly share. This second trimester, we have added a Mindfulness study for all TK-3 students to help students control childhood anxiety, stress, and big emotions. We anticipate positive news as students are becoming more self-aware of their breathing, reactions, and responses to life events at home and at school. In addition, students are given a weekly Positive Growth Mindset quote to learn, repeat, and practice throughout the day as they face daily academic challenges in our rigorous curriculum. Teachers post our shared quote and one is always included in our parent bulletin board so parents can reinforce the power of positive self-talk at home. Our 4th and 5th graders continue to receive music and art and P.E. instruction on a weekly basis and are thus given a well rounded educational experience that informs their worldly and historical views about the human experience. TK-3 are also exposed to these concepts at age-appropriate levels on a quarterly basis as we rotate the curriculum to also provide them with these amazing learning opportunities. We are proud to be able to offer these fantastic programs here at Green Acres.

Staff Highlights

Kudos to Ms. Thomas