Vincent J Vera Live

Friday, December 6th.

Live In Fresno

You've seen him on YouTube, now let him serenade you and your friends in person. Vincent is a singer/songwriter and avid Pepsi consumer. His only goal in life is to please his audience with his musical stylings and Houdini-like sleight of hand.

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Friday, Dec. 20th 2013 at 8pm

3673 North 1st Street

Fresno, CA

Kuppajoe is a venue for all ages. There will be drinks available. For directions click the link on the right.

Free Music

We will be releasing Vincent's upcoming EP for free. Visit SoundCloud for free music that you can download. Also, be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel for music videos and short comedy skits.



Vincent's Blog:

Vincent J Vera

Vincent J Vera