Principal's News

Week 6, Term 4


This is it! This is where we see Visual and Performing Arts collide into a spectacular display for our school community. It's where your skills in window dressing, tweeking and zhushing will come in very handy as you get your display to' hang together' to look reasonably interesting. Sticky tape, glue, pins and bluetac will be your best friends this week.

A huge 'well done' to the Art Committee, Denise K, Christa and Jane for getting this over the line, supported by teachers, aides, parents, grandparents, the label maker in the front office and even Jason who will be in on Monday to help. It has been a big effort but I am certain that the results will be stunning.

Make sure that you take a moment to stand back and look at your achievements and feel proud and pleased with your work. The Arts are a wonderful vehicle for imagination and creativity ... and isn't that what we desire for all our students.

At this school we respect the integrity and good name of each child and their family

You have probably walked past the sign on the staffroom door a thousand times. You might have read it once or twice but largely it is just something that it there. You probably agree with it but it is not always at the forefront of your mind. Occasionally I remind you of it, but in reality, it is just there.

This sign sums up a culture that should exist in any school however I choose to be very up-front about it at St Augustine's. As a part of staff professionalism, we don't have public free-for-alls in the staffroom or corridors, we don't use family dysfunction as gossip for our amusement over morning tea, we don't publicly ridicule, denigrate or belittle students and we don't label grades and lay blame on former teachers. Like-wise, when I am meeting with the Education Board or Parents Auxiliary, the same rule applies. In front of me they cannot publicly bag teachers, engage in malicious gossip about our families or make disparaging remarks about students and their behaviour. That's just not us, it's not who we are nor what we stand for. Our school culture is one of building children up rather than tearing them down, positive rather than negative.

Integrity (that's about us) and respect (that's about them).

I would hope that these two words set our school apart from others and that we all now understand the meaning behind that innocuous sign on the staffroom door.

What else ....

  • Jettison as you go, especially after this week... it is a great opportunity to send home some of the extra stuff hanging around in classrooms
  • Because we are who we are, our Christmas focus, first and foremost is the story of Jesus' birth. Santa is unavoidable and a huge part of childhood but I would really prefer that he stays in the background until the last weeks of term.
  • Christmas cards - children can share these with their friends in the last week of term, no earlier please.
  • Christmas 'class' parties .... No! We have enough on with Carols, the picnic, graduation.... to keep them entertained.
  • Remember Sylvia's fellow countrymen and women in your prayers. Her family is OK but her friends family live in the area.
  • Monday is Remembrance Day, a time to give thanks to those who fought to ensure our freedom.

Take it easy!

It's Lenore's final week (for a while) as she now needs to put those weary feet up and allow Milly and Billy to grow. Although Lenore attributes her 'glow' to make-up and lipstick, I beg to differ and acknowledge that she has done so well considering her text message to me when she missed Confirmation "My apologies for not being at Confirmation tonight. I have just been given a very, very, very big shock, the ultrasound is showing twins" Who ever would have thought - a double blessing to the Tilley household!

Best wishes Lenore in this special time of your life and thank-you for your positive contribution to the lives of the children at St Augustine's.