A Day Into the Past

Sponsored by your neighbors

History of the Past

Day into the past was created because my Nana would play outside until she was forced to come inside. This event was made to recreate what she did.

Day Into the Past

Saturday, Nov. 7th, 8:30am-6pm

we live here

Play outside with NO devices, unless it is needed for something major or for cooling off. Bring food, drinks, medicine if needed, and items to play with. With that being said restroom breaks are allowed throughout the day, and if it is really hot cool off times are allowed within reasonable timing of coming back out.


8:30-9:00- is the time of arrival and check-in

9:00-11:45- Just play

11:45-12:00-Gather everyone for lunch and hand out lunch


12:20-3:40-Playing freely, but activities are provided

3:40-4:30-Cool off if needed


5:50-6:00- Clean up and send people home!