My 2014-2015 School Year

The Year I Started Middle School

This year has been a huge change, with a couple of bad memories, but thousands of great ones. At school, I did many fun projects, like the rubber egg experiment in science, making instructional videos, and a skit in English. I also made many friends in all of my classes, and looked forward to seeing them everyday. Although I had loads of homework this year, I did have some free time. I usually spend this time high jumping, running, playing soccer, going to the beach, taking pictures, and drawing.

One of the drawings I worked on this year

Big image

My Unit F Instructional Video

My Stop Motion Movie

My soccer team won many tournaments and got 3rd place in State Cup

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My Rubber Egg

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In Conclusion...

My 7th grade year has been absolutely fantastic! I have learned so much and have had lots of fun. I have met so many amazing people, and have done some very fun projects, in school, adn on my own. Although I am excited for summer, I will miss all of the teachers and friends at CVMS.