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Who is Oliver?

Oliver was a twelve year old boy, soccer team goal keeper. One day he started off with just a headache that started after one of his soccer games and his mom decided to take him to the hospital, thinking it was just a minor migraine. Once he got to the hospital, he was diagnosed with very advanced leukemia and within 36 hours he died because they could not do anything about it, without a remedy.

Why should people become donors of this foundation?

People like all of us should contribute to this organization with the most we can because this foundation is helping find a cure and the cause for leukemia and find something to stop other innocent lives from being killed from this this devastating type of cancer, ESPECIALLY because most of the people diagnosed with leukemia cancer are people under 20. Mostly children and a lot of families need our help to find a treatment for leukemia.

Where do the donations go and how does it help others?

The donations go to other kids and people that are suffering of leukemia and 10% of the money donated is for buying soccer ball with the Oliver foundation logo on them to give to children with leukemia.

Why is this foundation not as known as much as other foundations?

Many people do not know about the Oliver Forever Strong, especially because, compared to other foundations it is very small right now. Not many people know about it because the O.F.S.F recently became a foundation. So what they are trying to do is spread the word about this to become more known and gain more donors.
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REMEMBER!! one donation can save a life.