Canada Flag Day

By: Benjamin Wong

What is this Holiday

This is a holiday that celebrates the creation of the Canadian flag and all it stands for.

The Canadian Flag

The Canadian flag is what represents Canada as a country and we should celebrate it appreciating that we are Canadian. The flag represents unity and equality and respect to citizens regardless of race, religion and opinions

When do we Celebrate it?

We celebrate it every February 15. This day was the birth of the Canadian flag and where the people all decided that the design represented its people.

The Creation of the Canadian flag

In 1925 the government of Canada is creating a design of a new flag that is independent from Britain but during that year they couldn't come up with a design. In 1946 the parliament recieved over 2600 flag designs but they still couldn't pick a design that represents Canada. Then a man named George F. Stanley created a flag with the design of a single maple leaf in the middle and 2 red bars by the side. The design shows a lot about the Canadian history and to this day help recognize its country.

Where should we Celebrate it?

Sunday, Feb. 15th, 9pm

City Centre Dr

Mississauga, ON

Why should we should celebrate Canada Flag Day?

We should celebrate Canada Flag day because just like Canada Day where we celebrate our creation of our country, Canada Flag day should be celebrated for the representation of our people. The Canada Flag has represented unity and equality regardless of race, gender and religion. The flag also displays Canada's history and its success as being an independent country from Britain. It is also a flag that displays us as peace keepers in wars helping other people in need and providing aid in many wars like WW2 and the war in Afghanistan. The flag represents all the good things that we Canadians are viewed as and we should celebrate its creation and be thankful that we are Canadian.