Lord of the flies

Gage Barrowcliff


There are two types of government shown in this book. One is shown by Jack's "tribe". This type of government is known as dictatorship. A dictatorship is defined as the rule of a population by a single person or group. some examples in history are Castro in Cuba, Hitler in Germany, or the Communist party in China. A government can be considered a dictatorship if one group or person is making all official decisions without regards for the population. Jack's tribe is a form of dictatorship because the leader (Jack) is the only one making decisions. Jack has the kids in the tribe doing whatever he says without regards for anything about the members of his group. Jack a lot of times, like many totalitarian leaders, abuses his power. Members of the tribe have been beaten by Jack for simply complying to what he says. "The chief says we got to challenge everyone". This quote shows jack's abuse power. The children stand guard at the entrance to the tribe and challenges everyone that comes by asking who they are what they want. Ralphs tribe can be seen more related to a republic. A republic is when the people elect a representative to make and enforce laws. The supreme power is held by the people but they choose one person to represent them and make laws to enforce. Ralph does not command everyone in his group to do what he says. Ralph was elected by everyone to represent and to make laws that could be enforced. The supreme power is still held by the people in his tribe. "And they keep running off, you remember the meeting? how everyone was going to work hard until shelter was finished". this quote shows ralph as the representative who made laws but did not enforce them very well. The children he was representing were not listening to him.

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