Battle at Palo Duro Canyon

Kobie Jackson 3rd period

Some important information

The battle was on September 28, 1874. It was the most important battle of the Red River campaign. The groups from The Plains took a liking to the canyon campground. The Forth Calvary, led by Colonel Ranald S. Mackinzie, Set fire to Comanche, Kiowa, and Cheyenne villages. A few people died but the the troops were able to capture horses and mules. Mackinzie had 1,000 horses killed just so that the Native Americans could not get them. Harsh!

Pictures of the Native Americans whose villages were burned.

More Information

The last remaining Comanche bands, surrendered in June 1875 at fort Sill in Indian territory. Among them was Quanah Parker. Quanah Parker represented people. He worked as a meditor to settledisputes along the various Native American tribes. He represented theri interests to the federal government in Washington, and fought for their rights. After the Red River Campaign, the indians weren't seen often around the praries. Kickapoo and Apache warriors continued to stuggle a few more years in the border county along the Rio Grande.