New Bay Bridge Opening

Open November 18, 2014

What is so good about the new Bay Bridge...

The New Bay Bridge will be better, nice-looking, and safer than the previous Bay Bridge. The New Bay Bridge was built to withstand strong earthquakes and will keep you and your family safe. This bridge stands still thanks to the anchored rock-solid towers. It is also suspended on the cables in case the deck breaks due to the earthquake. This time our New Bay Bridge does not have two decks, so that one does not collapse on the other. This construction can still reach long distances. It is wider than the last bridge, so many more cars can drive during heavy traffic.

Bay Bridge Open

Tuesday, Nov. 18th, 8:45pm

San Francisco, CA, United States

San Francisco, CA

More Information

Be the first one to cross from San Francisco to Oakland on our New Bay Bridge. The first 100 cars will get a free pass. You might even be the first one to take a tour.