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New Year, New Stories

Welcome to our first student created News Flash! Every two weeks, this digital newsletter will fill you in on the latest and greatest at Glenridge Middle School. Students in the 7th Grade Photo Journalism classes and 8th grade Yearbook classes will create it. We hope to capture the GMS experience through pictures and stories.

A Purrr-fect Planner

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Meet Ben L., 7th grade Artist

Anyone who knows Ben L. knows that he's a great artist. Now the rest of the school knows, too. 7th grader Ben designed and drew the fierce lion on the cover of the planner. He got inspiration from art class when Mrs. Strong gave the class an assignment to draw a picture with a hidden word in it. When Mrs. Strong saw him drawing a lion she asked if he would enter his drawing for it to be on the GMS planner for the 2013-2014 school year. "It feels good to know that everyone appreciates my artwork as much as me." This year he will inspire many students with his lion drawing. Can you find the hidden word?

Glenridge Middle School Soccer Game

Wednesday, Sep. 4th 2013 at 4:30pm

2501 General Rees Avenue

Orlando, FL

Join us for the first soccer game of the season. It's a home game versus Lee Middle. The Girls' team is coached by Coach Childs. The Boys' team is coached by Coach Berry.

Go Lions. Game On!

Captured in the Courtyard: Photo of the Week

Sometimes the Courtyard is a busy place. The minute that bell rings, kids are dashing and racing to get to their next class. No one has time to stop and look at all the beauty the Courtyard has. This week, our GMS Photo Journalists spent time in the Courtyard looking closely for pictures to match with motivational slogans. We hope you enjoy the Courtyard THROUGH OUR EYES.

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Finally Free by Rachel F.

I feel free. I am limitless. Once, I was not as free as I am now. I was unable to fly though the bright blue sky. I was destined to crawl. Or at least I thought so. But one day I made myself a silky cocoon. Time passed as I lay in my silk bed. One day I emerged from my cocoon. I found myself free! With beautiful orange wings, I soared through the sky, with effortless ease. Gliding through the open skies. So now I live my life no longer crawling, but flying! Flying Free

The Buzz About Band

Beginning Band Tryouts

THis week hundreds of kids flooded the MPR to try out all the great band instruments. Many Symphonic and Concert Band students helped out by giving lessons and advice to the Beginning Band students. Mr. Sullivan had each student carry around a piece of paper to help them pick the right instrument for them.

Goodbye, Mr.Harasyn

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The second week of school we find ourselves sad to have to say goodbye, so early in the year. Mr Harasyn, a 6 grade science teacher is moving. "I am very sad to be leaving my GMS family. I have been here for 6 years and I firmly believe that Glenridge is the best middle school in Orange County. Unfortunately, my family does not live here, and I was offered a job in Virginia that will allow me to be closer to my family. I have had a fantastic time here and I will truly miss everyone at GMS. GO LIONS!"

By Glenridge Middle School Journalism and Yearbook Classes

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Design/Photos/Interviews/Writing by: Jahida, Tara, Suhaymah, Jessica, Davis, Paige, Nolan, Mia, Lindsey, Victoria, Andre, Brooke, Adam, Lauren, Elle, Courtney, Sophie, Ciara, Laura, Mia

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