Mrs. Rosenberger's Fifth Grade

March 20, 2015

Fifth Grade Fun and Learning

Well, hopefully this is winter's last stand! We need all the time we can get with the kids!


In reading this week, we studied Tall tales, point of view, and context clues using synonyms and antonyms. In small groups, we reviewed main ideas and details because many of the students were still struggling with it on last week's test. Those ! who seemed to mostly understand that concept were offered the chance to write a Tall Tale of their own! Today we tried something new and took the test for unit 4.1 on the computers. What I liked about it for the kids, was that as soon as they finish the test, they could see their answers compared to the correct answers. For me, it will be much less time consuming to create groups that need remediation.


The kids had their first assignment presented to them on Google Classroom this week.

We had a technology glitch with one of our activities, though! The site that I have used with the kids for five years, was suddenly blocked by our new filter. Between that and the dismissal today taking away a science class, the students who would like a little extra credit this marking period may complete the activity at home. It is on Google Classroom. There is a link to click on to find the earthquake simulation game, and another link that has a form to fill in with the results of your game. Please submit that form if you want credit for doing the activity. Also, there are many other disaster simulations on that site, and you may have fun working on those, but only the earthquake one counts for credit.

We did get to complete an activity about different types of volcanoes. The students definitely enjoyed making the volcanoes erupt. It showed them that there are many different types of volcanoes and eruptions, which surprised many of them. Some of them have even claimed a "favorite volcano"!!!

Language Arts

The kids seemed to do well with pronouns and their antecedents this week. Our next Spelling test will be on Wednesday, March 25. The choice boards are due that day as well.

Science Activity


Each of the other fifth grade classes have recently been given ten Chromebooks like I have had in my room. This gives us the opportunity to allow each child to have their own computers to work on in the classroom when we need them. It is wonderful, but one problem we have is that when 20 computers all are speaking at the same time, it gets quite noisy and is difficult to concentrate. If possible, could you send a pair of ear buds or head phones that your child can use? The children can take them home at the end of the year. I wouldn't send any that are expensive. Quite honestly, a pair from the Dollar General would probably work just fine. If you can't, that's fine too. I'm just trying to see if we can cut down the distractions a bit when we are all using the computers at the same time.

Class Dojo and the Mystery Walkers

This week I started something called The Mystery Walker. Whenever we are in the hallway, I let the Dojo program pick a random student. If that student follows the rules, they earn an extra dojo point. They could also be given the chance to go to the front of the line with one friend of their choosing.

Our class has been enjoying Class Dojo all year. This program keeps track of the students' behaviors, both appropriate and inappropriate. Each week, we reset the points, and those students who have positive points for the week get to watch a small portion of a movie on Friday afternoons. Today we got to enjoy more of Horton Hears a Who.

Spring fever has definitely hit fifth grade, and oftentimes behavior can be a challenge. Let’s work together to recognize your child’s good behavior and try to improve when needed! If you lost your Class Dojo password, or if you never saw it in the first place, email me, and I'll be glad to send you another copy of it.

The New Standards

Unfortunately, the standards I tried to upload last week, were not accessible. I'm still not sure why, but, sometimes that's technology for you.

Please check out this link: 5th Grade ELA Standards to see just what is expected of your child this year.

Mrs. Rosenberger

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