The Dollhouse Murders

By Betty Ren Wright

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Amy feeling resentful about louann!

Louann have brain damage and Amy doesn't have freedom to do what she want to do because she have to babysit her so one she decided to run to Aunt clare house.

Amy finds something mysterious in the attic!!

Amy looks around in Aunt clare attic and sees something cover with a white sheet so she decided to take a look at it !!it was something that look cool but it was ghostly. It was trying to give a message to Aunt clare?

What did she find?Who did it?

go read the book to find out what mysterious item Amy found in the attic that made her want to found out more about its history and who killed Aunt clare's grandparents!you will be scared!!
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Halloween - Scary Music - Evil Theme (great haunted house music to mix) by heatherhessler