Johnny Appleseed

For House of Representatives

About Johnny

Johnny is the man you will want to represent you in congress. He is honest, loyal, and and the man of the people. Born and raised in Alaska, he will ensure that there will be no drilling of oil, preserving the wild life and making sure we have a sustainable future ahead of us.

Foreign Policy

Johnny is the man for world peace. By representing the people of the world, Johnny will advocate for world peace and ban all nuclear weapons across the world. He promises to fix all the mistakes that Trump will make as president and follow all of Bernie Sander's policies.

Economic Policy

Economically speaking, Johnny is a classical economist. Advocating for no government intervention and allowing the economy to tank every 4 years, Johnny will ensure that we turn into a command economy, allowing the United States to be the best in the entire world.

Public Policy

Johnny is vying to change the world. He will enact policies that will shape the way our society is ran. Cars will be banned, leaving people to have to bike. Everywhere. Johnny has graduated from the University of Copenhagen, and has excelled in the area of public policy and happiness. He has the ability to transform our country into the happiest country in the world. Homework will no longer be a requirement in public education, and there will be economic and social equality.