3 Civil Rights Figures

MLK Jr, Stokely Carmichael, Tommie Smith & John Carlos

#1 Martin Luther King Jr

Background Info:

  • Born January 15, 1929
  • Was a pastor at his local church
  • At age 35, he was the youngest to recieve the Noble Peace Prize
  • Was assassinated on April 4th, 1968

Symbolic Leader

  • Promoted non-violent protests
  • Many liked him for his beliefs in the Civil Rights Movement
  • Gave many powerful speeches and "I Have a Dream" was one of his most famous ones
  • Considered a symbolic leader in America and the rest of the world

#2 Stokely Carmichael

Background Info:

  • Born June 29th, 1941 (Trinidad)
  • Moved to the United States in 1952
  • Died of cancer on November 15, 1998

Black Power

  • Became part of Freedom Riders in 1961
  • Criticized Martin Luther King Jr and his ideology of non-violence
  • Made his Black Power speech in 1966
  • Later he joined the Black Panther Party

#3 Tommie Smith and John Carlos

  • Won in 1968 Olympics
  • When they received medals, they were shoeless (wore black socks) to represent black poverty
  • During the national anthem, both Smith and Carlos raised their fists in the Black Power Salute
  • Were booed when leaving the field and later expelled from the games
  • Their families received death threats when back home

Their Message

MLK Jr: promoted non-violent ways to acheive peace

Stokely Carmichael: violence would help get things done quicker and it was ok to fight back

Smith and Carlos: to stand up against racism and overcome black struggle