Wrapping Up A Month!

02/14 Edition

Ready to Get Moving!

Well February sure proved to be a bit of a challenge... so who is ready for some SPRING... warmer weather, getting out and moving and ready to show off all these great new prints and bags from Thirty One! Already March is shaping up to be the month to be out moving and showing off all the great Thirty One products that will help our customers be ready for these busy outdoor months, our hostesses to have top sales as everyone is looking for new "fresh" bags for spring and summer and for new team members that are looking to spread their love of Thirty One and all the great it has to offer!! Make the most of March ladies!!-


Check it out!

Lots going on already this spring with Thirty One... make sure you are checking Thirtyonetoday.com for all the latest announcements!
~ CONFERENCE.... No matter where you are make the investment and go... it is amazing and will seriously change your business... don't forget that Conference Stars can be earned till April 30th... check out the training schedule below for another opportunity to learn more about conference.
~ Watch for "READY, SET, SELL" announcement soon... this is a great way to get some of the Summer catalogs new items free!! No dates have been announced but start booking those April parties now... (another way to earn conference stars!)
~ Celebrate & Connect registration is still occurring... these meetings are a great chance to get celebrated, inspired and in the "know" about what is going on in Thirty One! In April at the meetings we will be showing off the NEW summer catalog!!
~ Flash Sale... really not a big deal right? Thirty One is sending invites out to all your customers.. remember you can promote it on your closed FB customer pages as well... Home office is saying there is ALOT of stock in these items so they won't sell out as fast as the outlet sale but keep checking the business update for item availability!
~ Tons and Tons of new trainings on Thirtyonetoday.com, Cindy just added "Increase Your Bookings" this week!! Go enjoy getting knowledge from our leader and check out all the others as well!

Meet and Greet!

Training Opportunities!

*Every Tuesday... Start Strong Call 7:00 pm MST with a Director or above from the SWAT team... these are great calls that give you a boost or get you going STRONG!
*March 20th... 8:00 pm... Facebook event on our team page Flying High In Style (if your not part of that group look it up).... Topic is "Conference... Why" this will answer so many questions about conference and why you should go!
*Check out TOT for lots of other training opportunities!

Thank You!

I can't wait for so many things this spring! This time of year we feel renewed and excited! Use that to the benefit of your family, your relationships and your business... I consider each of you a blessing and thank you for all you do!!
God Bless, Kristen Smith ~ 970-381-5902