Englewood eLearning Newsletter

Important Dates

  • Monday, August 24- Device and Materials Pick up (See schedule for more details)
  • Tuesday, August 25- Device and Materials Pick up (See schedule for more details)
  • Wednesday, August 26- Back to School Night (Virtual)
Elementary 5-6pm and Secondary 6-7 pm

(More information regarding back to school night will be sent Monday)

  • Thursday, August 27: First Day of School
  • Thursday, August 27: Parent University 6-7:30pm

Meet the Elementary SPED Team

We are excited to introduce you to our amazing team of Specialists that are on the Englewood eLearning team.

Meet the eLearning Staff

Welcome to Englewood eLearning! We are still working on class assignments. In the meantime, take a few moments to see and hear from our staff! We look forward to meeting you soon!

K-6 Grade Family Information

eLearning Teacher Assignment

You are able to access your student’s eLearning schedule and who their teacher will be through Infinite Campus by logging in to the Parent Portal. See the instructions below on how to view a schedule through Infinite Campus.

**5th Grade class lists are still being finalized, we will communicate more once they are finished.

How to Access Student Schedule in Infinite Campus

Log in to your Parent or Student Portal > Click on the Schedule Tab

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K-6 Grade Assessment Days

Assessment days for Englewood eLearning will be through Zoom. Your student will start the day with a Morning Meeting online to meet the class and get to know the teacher. After the morning meeting, your student will engage with their teacher in a virtual, one-on-one meeting. The teacher will be assessing students in both mathematics and English language arts. The virtual meeting will be approximately 30 minutes. You will be receiving a sign-up and more details regarding this important meeting from your student’s teacher in the next week.

Assessment Dates- Aug 27, 28, and Sept 1

7-12 Grade Family Information

Edgenuity Information

To help ensure your students can continue learning, we have partnered with Edgenuity® to offer virtual learning while your student attends Englewood eLearning. This partnership means that students have access to guided instruction delivered by educators and/or assigned lessons to work on independently. Virtual learning may be new to you and your students, so the following tips can offer structure and support to you both.

Your student will receive their Edgenuity account and login information next week. In the meantime, please watch this introduction video that covers the student experience in Edgenuity.

What do I need to know from my student’s school?

  • Make sure your student is aware of the requirements and expectations for virtual learning. More to come with regard to expectations! ƒ

  • Students will engage in ongoing synchronous sessions guided by Englewood teachers to ask questions and receive support in conjunction with the Edgenuity core courses.

  • Students may need to set aside additional time to complete assignments offline.

What are some tips for preparing my student to work at home?

  • Designate a comfortable place free from distractions as a work area for your student. ƒ

  • Offer structure, such as focus time, to increase engagement and promote progress.

  • Ensure your student has access to Wi-Fi and a charged device (preferably a district provided computer) *Note: Please complete this survey if you need Wi-Fi. ƒ

  • Periodically check in on students throughout their virtual sessions to make sure they’re actively working and learning, and in case they need additional help.

At-Home Support for Englewood eLearning

The following questions can help students understand that you’re invested in their education and that even though this form of learning may be different, they’re still expected to work and learn. Consider asking your student: ƒ

  • Do you have any questions about what you learned yesterday before getting started today? ƒ

  • What did your learning focus on today? ƒ

  • What did you accomplish today? ƒ

  • Did you find anything challenging today? If so, how did you overcome the challenge?

  • How can you apply what you learned, and/or what personal connections can you make to your learning?

We recommend frequent monitoring and hands-on assistance as needed from those providing the at-home support. *Note: If you have questions or cannot offer at-home support, reach out to your Englewood teachers or admin team for support. We are here to support you and want to assure you that even though your students may not be going into school every day, they can still receive a high-quality and engaging education that moves them forward in their learning. We look forward to supporting you and your learner as we embark upon this educational journey together!

Device and Materials Pick up

**Your student must be registered for the 20/21 school year in order to receive a device.

Students and families, please pick-up your device during the assigned time. Pick-up times are assigned according to the first letter of your last name. If you are unable to attend during the designated time slot, please visit the makeup session on Tuesday, 8/25 from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm.


Englewood Schools Administration Building

4101 S. Bannock St.

Englewood, CO 80110.

You may find us outside on the south side of the building.

When picking up your device, please adhere to the following safety protocols to protect fellows students, family members, and faculty:

  • Wear a facial covering.

  • Limit the number of people that come to pick up devices.

  • Arrive during your assigned time.

  • Fill out the internet access survey before you arrive (Linked above)

Monday, August 24th, 2020

8:00-8:30 Last names beginning with A

8:30-9:15 Last names beginning with B

9:15-10:00 Last names beginning with C

10:00-10:30 Last names beginning with D

10:30 -11:00 Last names beginning with E-F

11:00-11:45 Last names beginning with G

12:15-12:45 Last names beginning with H-I

12:45-1:30 Last names beginning with J-K-L

1:30-2:45 Last names beginning with M

2:45-3:30 Last names beginning with N-O-P-Q

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020

8:00-8:45 Last names beginning with R

8:45-9:30 Last names beginning with S

9:30-10:15 Last names beginning with T-U-V

10:15-11:00 Last names beginning with W-Z

11:30-2:00 Makeup (A-Z)

Internet Access Survey

Please fill out this survey prior to Device Pick up on Monday, August, 24th.

Contact Us

Megan Walcott
Administrative Assistant

Becky Jones
Instructional Dean

Paul Whitaker

Internet and Device (ipad/chromebook) support