My Smore

Spence, Ainsworth


Adults are just out of dated children


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Basketball is my favorite sport

I have been playing basketball since I was preschool. I first started as a center because was one of the tallest ones,but now since the years went by i have been moving up spots.I am now a power forward,but sometimes I will play as the shooting guard
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Pokemon is my favorite game

Since i have been little Pokemon grew up with me. Pokemon is one of the most famous games. This picture is Ukelelle Pichu which is one the the Pokemon extra games.I had a same Pokemon For five years which is my pichu.
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Naruto is my favorite show

I have been watching Naruto since the third grade. Naruto is a show that falls under anime. anime is a style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children.
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My family

They people that I respect is my family. In my household i have two other brothers and my parents. My biological grandparents are in Jamaica,because that where my culture started. Sometimes I will visit them in Jamaica around Christmas.
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When i grow up i want to be a .....

When i grow up i want to be a game designer.The reason why is because I am an athletic gamer. When i play games i mostly come in the top 50 - 100. It sorts of run in my family. I also want people to feel the way I feel.
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The university i will like to attempt is.....

I will like to attend is F.S.U because,It is close to family. My friends will be going there. I have always been a fan for F.S.U. I really like the color red