Embracing the Divine Feminine

Manifest the sacred purpose in your heart

The feminine archetype births creation

Women hold a sacred reason for being alive. Women walk with the fundamental principle to create life. Because you are a part of creation, you have the ability to create. You are the most important representative of the mother earth, the tender of the sacred hearth, and the gatekeeper of unconditional love. The feminine is an innate gift that is the keystone of humanity. What you walk with is needed in the world. The ancient wisdom from Peru of the feminine is speaking, these Peruvian teaching are being shared this weekend.
Are you ready to dive in and claim your walk? Do you need time to connect with the sacred? What is the creation that sits in your souls heart that is your birthright to manifest? What is your capacity to support the feminine in yourself? What is your role? How ordered is your mind to hear your souls speech?

February 7- 9th, 2014

In this weekend workshop you will
  • Vision new beginnings of self, community, and global reset.
  • Engage in work with the sacred fire to clear old patterns and tend your vision
  • Learn the 7 layers of light, a tool to balance the physical, spiritual and energetic
  • Investigate your personal balance of feminine and masculine
  • Be supported in community to dive deep

Call your vision forth

Participants will leave with renewed inspiration on their path

Workshop Dates and Registration

February 7-9, 2014 Friday 7:00pm - Sunday 3:00pm
Arnaudville, LA
Registration: Lori Henderson 337-303-8665

email: mypathway@me.com
Tuition & Payment; Jan 18th $250, after Jan 18th $325

Payment may be given to Lori (cash or cheque) or Paypal sent to judibath@gmail.com.

A non refundable deposit is requested of $75.00 upon registration.

*Saturday night dinner and snacks included, please bring your lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Workshop facilitated by Judy Bath

Judy Bath: Is a mentor, facilitator and student of sacred, traditional wisdom. She has a background in psychology, education and healing arts. Judy believes that women carry an empowered role which is the keystone to growth within all aspects of humanity, relationship with the sacred, and relationship with nature. The archetype of the feminine is the heart of life. Judy has spent decades traveling to remote areas and working with people who hold and teach the traditional medicine of their land. Judy lives in Muskoka, Ontario on the granite shield and spends much of her time frequenting with the white pines, hiking, and being in community with a great passion for blossoming the gift of life.