Bill of rights

Opening statement

The bill of rights is a very important document, it is the document that defends your rights. The first ten amendments to the constitution makes up the bill of rights. The bill of rights was created on December 15, 1791 to limit the power of the government .

Info on the bill of rights

The bill of rights is a document written by James Madison. In the European countries they did not have a firm bill of rights, So they thought when they moved to the U.S. they should make one to prevent the government from having to much power. An interesting fact about the bill of rights is there were originally 12 amendments proposed for the bill of rights but only amendments 3-12 passed

Impact of the bill of rights

An important compromise that got the constitution approved by all the representatives. Protected individual rights from the federal government. Our opinion on the impact of the bill of rights was that it helped make america the land of the free which is why we had so many people who wanted to come here.

10 amendments

1. Freedom of religion, speech, and the press; right of petition and assembly

2. Right to bear arms

3. Government can not force people to quarter troops in their homes

4. Protects against unreasonable search and seizure

5. Rights of people accused of crimes

6. Right to trial by jury in criminal cases

7. Right to trial by jury in civil cases

8. Forbids excessive bail and cruel or unusual punishment

9. People's rights are not limited to those listed in the Constitution

10. States or people have all powers not denied or given to federal government by the Constitution


The bill of rights secured people's rights so therefore without the security of the bill of rights america wouldn't be the same as it is today. Our rights are what make us today, so to be without them would make us feel much different, and America wouldn't be as great of a country as it is, we would be much more controlled if we didn't have these rights.