Country: Romania

By: Lexi Underwood

About my country

Name of country: Romania

Founder country: no

History of Romania

Location: 46 00 N, 25 00 E , southeast Europe , bordering Black Sea , and surrounding Bulgaria and Ukraine

Flag: modeled after the France flag , colors are principalities ( red , blue and yellow)

Capital: Bucharest

Major cities: Craiova , Timisoara , Brasov , and Bisrita

Tourism: peles castle~ very expensive castle that cost 120 million and built in 1839

Danube delta~ One of the largest and very old and still in good condition deltas in Europe

Carpathian Mountains ~ has a lot of nature and wildlife like ( wolfs , bears , chamois etc.)

Geography of Romania :

Next to the Black Sea and vast Danube river

Government type: Republic

Currency type : Eros and US dollars

Interesting facts