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Parent Teacher Conferences and a Kuerig

Well, let's start with the most exciting news for some of you....we have a Kuerig for everyone to use in the workroom. Please bring your pods, use the machine, throw away your pod and leave the door open so that it can air out after you finish.

Conferences - no school tomorrow or Thursday due to Parent Teacher Conferences. Cristi already sent info about Friday, no staff with the exception of Zach is on duty.

Lunch/Dinner - we will have BBQ from Summit Hickory Pit, buns, beans, slaw, veggies, chips and desert tomorrow....available at noon.

Parents as Teachers International Conference

Feeling very fortunate that our team was approved to present, allowing us to attend this conference!! The final speaker was simply amazing, I will include some of my learning for the next few weeks.

Dipesh Navasria is a pediatrician working in the public interest. He blends the roles of physician, occasional children's librarian, educator, public health professional and child health advocate....and he was so absolutely in alignment with our beliefs!

Read slowly, repeat 2 times....let it sink in, reflect on what this means for your work......

"The interactive influences of genes and experience literally shape the architecture of the developing brain and the active ingredient is the "serve and return" nature of children's engagement in relationships with their parents and other caregivers in their family or community."

3 Slides below

5 Things Parents Can Do To Help Their Children Learn

Feel free to place link into your newsletter or copy and paste the 5 items and put them in over time.

Our Week:

Monday - Jeanie PDO, Kerry observe on two home visits 10:00-2:00

Tuesday - Jeanie here, Kerry to mtg at SLC at 3:00

Wednesday - Jeanie Home visit observation 10:00, Kerry here (Other principals doing Learning Walks here 9:00-11:00)

Thursday - Jeanie and Kerry out at SLC 11-1:00, Kerry out 8-11:00 as well for district mtgs.

Friday - Both here, First Aid Refresher 12:30-1:30