The Cold War

For beginners

The Cold War:

was a state of political hostility between countries that used threats, propaganda and other measures of warlike conduct, but not uses open fire, as one to create a war.

The Iron Curtain:

The iron curtain is when Europe was divided east and west.

I think the fact the iron curtain cut through so many countries which prolonged this war because it would be another problem they needed to solve before the war ended.

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United Nations :

The United Nations was a peacekeeping organization formed with 48 other countries

This would delay the Cold War because While making these peace ideas other countries would either dislike or like the idea and want to join the peacekeeping.

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Ho Chi Minh

He was a young Vietnamese nationalist - he turned to communism for help.

This was another aspect that hindered the fast end of the war because the countries that were pro democracy did not want the spreading of Communism to proceed any further.

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Berlin Airlift

The cut off of highway water into the western Berlin to starve the city - wanted Berlin to surrender.

This prolonged the end of the war because it was a major problem that the war could not just conclude on leaving Berlin separated.


The soviet influence and stopping the expansion of communism.

The ideas that the u.s was trying to keep communism confined and not spread would make the war longer because not everyone wanted to be communist or democracy. This made it difficult to contain communism.

The Great Leap Forward

This was called for larger collective farms known Communes. This also lead to a crop failure in 1961 famine that killed 20 million people.

The Great Leap Forward would delay the cold war because of the famine that occurred during this time. This is something they’d have to fix before the war.

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Cuban Missile Crisis

Nikita Krushche- Stalin’s Successor set 42 missiles pointing at the U.S

The Cuban Missile Crisis was important in delaying the war because the U.S couldn’t just let the cubans have missiles directed towards them and have the soviets helping them out.


They started off influenced by the soviet but then in 1970’s Muslim revolt threatened to topple the communist regime which led to a soviet invasion in 1979. Then finally the soviet union withdrew in 1989.

Afghanistan made the war go longer because Afghanistan didn't want to be communist and neither democratic. This also was the start of A political indifference between the united states and Afghanistan for a long time.