How I Spent My "Summer Vacation..."

by A. Modern Teacher

Summer Vacation - HA!

We all know that once summer hits....teachers do nothing but lounge at the beach, soak up some sun, take naps, eat, and use the restroom at will..... but how about when that first week of rest is finished? Don't you get a hankering to check your email? Gather more resources for a unit plan? Learn a new or snazzy tech tool?? What if a techie challenge was right at your fingertips with a short activity to complete whenever, where ever you wanted? Look no further! Here are two month long challenges complete with badges for those who finish!

The great news is - the content is alarmingly pertinent. It's all about YOU!

Accept the 20 Day Twitter Challenge

Embrace the Positive Power of Social Media in Education

Design an Effective Teacher Webpage

Control the ink of your digital tattoo - if you don't, someone else will!

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15 Things Every Teacher Should Try

- according to the SCCPSS IT Coaches

1. Become a connected educator on Twitter - Accept the Challenge

2. Maintain a fabulously updated class/teacher website

3. Collaborate with other teachers or classes on projects

4. Create a class YouTube Channel

5. Get students blogging

6. Connect with others via Mystery Skype or Google Hangouts

7. Encourage coding with students

8. Start a Genius Hour

9. Gamify your classroom with a badge system

10. Automate assessments with Quizziz, Kahoot, Formative, Socrative, or

11. Go on a Google Expedition

12. Create digital student portfolios

13. Get certified or become an ambassador with your favorite edtech publisher.

14. Flip your classroom!

15. Let your students use their own devices in class.

Summer Vacation Series is Completely Voluntary

But to earn a badge for your blog, web page, or email signature, you'll need to finish!

Need help? Send me an email or a direct message through Twitter.