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Name: Ella Rothschild

Date of birth: 10.10.1984

Nationality: Israeli-German

Address: Yehodith -boulevard 9a/ 1. 67019. Tel-Aviv. Israel.

Born and grown in Ein Vered, Israel. Ella Rothschild is an active dancer of the Tel-Aviv scene. Worked for the most prominent choreographers of Israel and created alone and in collaborations with artists (musicians, video artists and sculptures).


1999-2002 Ballet and Modern Dance Studies the Dance Department of Cfar-Saba Academy. Worked with choreographers: Shai Gottesman,Yoram Karmi, Ido Tadmor.

1995-2002 Conservatorium for Music and Dance Cfar-Saba (Modern, Graham, Ballet, Release, Flamenco, Jazz, Hip Hop).

Working experience (proffesional training, performing):

2012- Working with the choreographer Shlomit Fondaminski performing her piece fly fly lie in a festival Curtain -Up -2012 in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel.

2010-2011 worked with choreographers: Idan Cohen performing his piece Swan Lake in India, Tel-Aviv, and Copenhagen.

Perform in a festival Curtain-Up in the piece of Gili Navot Check-in in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel.

2008-2010 Batsheva Dance Company. Performed Ohad Naharins repertoire

Mamootot , Max, Project 5, Three, Anaphaza ,decadence,foro and participated in creation of Hora.

Performed in Sharon Eyal’s (house choreographer of Batsheva Dance Company) work Bertolina and participated in creation of Bill.

Performed in young choreographers' pieces of: Andrea Martini, Bosmat Noussan, Ariel Freedman, Ian Robinson, noa zuk.

2006-2008 "Batsheva Ensemble" : performed in Ohad Naharin’s works Kamuiot, Zachacha, Decadance, Telophaza and participated in the new creation of Seder .

2002-2006 Inbal Pinto& Avshalom Pollak dance company. Performed in Oyster, Boobies, Wrapped and participate in creation of What Good would the Moon Be and Shaker.

Teaching Experience

2011-2012 Teaching ballet in Klor Academy Dance School.

2010- "Batsheva Dance company" and "Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak Dance company" repertoire.

2008 Teaching and creating for Kenafaim Foundation.

2007 Intensive Summer courses, Modern, Jazz and Hip-hop young dancers in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Choreographing Experience:

2012- Homunculus - site specific dance installation; Bird wearing gray coat piece for dancer and two musicians (collaboration with piano musician Matan Daskal)

2011- airplay solo dance piece (invited to preformed in Stuttgart Solo Festival and in the evening "Insideout" at Suzanne Dellal Center as well as Mahol-Lohet Festival 2011 in Tel-Aviv; dood show (independent production, site-specific, dance , plastic art and music performance)

2010- hardwear ; Installation (collaboration with plastic artist Ziv Ben-Dov and musician Ohad Fishof ) First preformed in the evening of bat sheva creates, and then invited to perform for the "Teiva" and Intimadance Festival 2011. ; tango duet piece, bat sheva creates.

2009- two duet piece, bat sheva creates; the plant , installation of movement in an elevators

2006-2008 -Number One (selected and presented in New York in the JCC); The suit ; Road; Gargerim ; all pieces performed within bat sheva creates evenings.