Pride of Baghdad

Pride never fades away

What is freedom

Freedom is when you are not under someones control and you have the power to act, speak and move by free will.

What is allegory

Allegory is when a story, poem or picture that reveals a hidden meaning.

What is symbol

Symbol is when something is being represented like a trademark, sign or brand.

An Explanation

Pride of Baghdad is an allegory to the invasion of Iraq because there were aircraft's hovering and fly in the sky, there were also tanks tearing down the forest and also death civilians getting caught in the gunshots,


His appearance is frightening and he is also big. He looks angry and blood thirsty. He is depicted to be as Sadaam Hussein. Freedom for this character means to not be caged by his/her owner and to rule and control animals. A significant quote of how Fajer views freedom "I'm sure you remember the cost of chaos".


He has a serious look. He look strong and brave and also he is courageous. He is viewed as a father figure/Iraqi citizen. Freedom for this character means to watch the horizon (sunset), when ever he looks at the horizon he knows that he is free. A significant quote of how Zill views freedom is I'm not a hunter, I'm a fighter which is basically means that he would fight his way to achieve freedom.


She appears to be scared and frightened. She is depicted as a Sunni Iraqi. Freedom for this character means to be free and not being caged and roam around the wilderness. "We must find a way to get out of here" is a quote of her views on freedom. When she was a zoo animal so thought she will be stuck there forever.


She is a calm and quiet. She happens to be the Shia Iraqi citizen. Freedom for this character means to be eating food without a schedule. She was questioning to her self why did the zookeeper give us a meal. When she was talking to the antelope, she was asking if they can both escape and the antelope said it might be dangers. By saying that Noor replied by saying this "You who want to spend the rest of your life behind bars". By saying that Noor desperately want to be free.


He is a anxious kid lion who wants to seek the and explore the world. Ali is obviously the young Iraqi. Freedom for this character means to be exploring and understand whats ahead of him. A significant quote for Ali and how he views freedom is "Is that the horizon" which means that he was questioning if he achieved freedom.


She is serious and also she as a high temper. She would be the terrified Iraqi because of the what happend to her in the past. Freedom for this character means to live without regrets. "We at least we can see the sun again, looks like the worst is behind us" which means that everything in the present is good but then in the past thing were not as good.


He is careless and he is also not patient. He would also be wise old man. Freedom for this character means to be alone and have nobody to tell him what to do. A significant quote for the Turtle of how he thinks of freedom is "Everything's got a name. It's how we keep crap belong to us" is means that if you have something that has a name and belongs to you, you can use at anytime by free will.

A conclusion


What freedom means to me is that there is nobody controlling or telling you what to do without free will. I have the freedom to talk and to go anywhere. But the government is keeping an eye on us, make sure we don't do anything drastic.


Because if he would humans it would be more rated R. Which means in the book how Ali got shot to death would be a disturbing scene and also how Safa got raped, that will also be disturbing. Instead Brian K. Vaughan use lion to replace humans because of the the extreme graphical content the humans in the graphic novel will face.


It would be less effective to use humans because we already know an ordinary life of a human and how that person lives his life during war. So instead using animals is more effective then humans.