First Aid

For Kids

5 Safety Tips

1. If a child is choking give 5 back blows, 5 abdominal thrusts, and if the child is still choking, repeat actions. However, if the child becomes unconscious call 911.

2. If an infant is choking do the same actions given in the last point.

3. If a child or infant becomes unconscious after choking give rescue breaths, give chest compressions (30), and look for and remove object if seen, then give 2 rescue breaths. If breaths don't make chest rise repeat steps.

4. If you're doing CPR on a child or infant give 30 chest compression, 2 rescue breaths and then repeat until you find obvious sign of life.

5. To control external bleeding cover the wound, apply direct pressure until bleeding stops, cover the dressing with bandage, apply more pressure and if necessary call 911.

How to Treat Burns:

Poisoning or seizures:

If a child or infant is poisoned or having a seizure the first thing to do is call or have someone call 911.