Interview with Mr. Wilson


Mr. Wilson teaches at Haltom High School , he teaches English 1. Mr. wilson graduated from The University of North Texas , and has a BA in communication . Certified in English Language Arts , Speech Communications , and Theatre Arts .

How many hours does the teacher put in per week ?

  • a total of 50 hours per week and on game days up to 60 hour

What is your biggest challenge as a teacher ?

  • Getting students excited for class

What is your biggest reward from teaching ?

  • When getting students excited works

Classroom Environment

  • Comic theme batman, superman , minecraft etc.
  • Lots of school spirit haltom flag and other decorations.
  • Rules and classroom expectations are listed on walls.

Classes Taught

  • English 1 9th grade
  • English 2 PAP 10th-12th grade

Classroom Management Techniques

  • Agenda of what is going on class related, and also school related is on the board.
  • Materials being used for the day are listed at the front of the class.
  • Students work on a warm up for a designated time, and also revise afterwards.
  • Introduces class by shaking each individual students hand, and welcoming the class.
  • The restroom is managed by leaving your phone on the teachers desk signing your name, the time you are leaving, and the time you returned.
  • Teacher has students organize their binders
  • Students work on grading each others OER's ( open ended response ) in partners.

Self-motivation needed

  • Lots of motivation is needed for the job every student learns differently. Some of the students where being though to teach, and the teacher managed to explain to the students what to do. Lots of motivation is needed to be a positive, and encouraging teacher. From a scale of 1 to 10 , 10 being the highest the amount of self-motivation needed is a 10.