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Mobile learning.

Although mobile learning (mLearning) is defined differently and there is no clear cut rules, there are a couple common denominators in all the definitions. Mobile learning is learning done anytime, anyplace by a portable, internet connected device. mLearning connects pedagogy and devices to help enhance the 21st learner. Here are a few examples of mLearning apps that can be used with students. All 6 apps are iPad compatible and help engage the students in true mobile learning.

#1 ToonTastic

Toontastic is a mobile app that can be used for the younger grade levels. This app allows children to create a video using cartoon characters. This app allows for kids to develop creativity, communication tools and organizational skills that work together to help the expression of ideas without formal writing. With this app, students can share their work with others online and view others. This can start create a students Professional Learning Network. It is great for parents to view their parents work in real time as it is all on the internet. An example of this being used is if a teacher wanted the student to express their evaluation of a novel through a conversation between two people in a video.

This is a demo of the Toontastic App

Toontastic App Demo

#2 MathBoard by PalaSoftware Inc.

Mathboard is a elementary school app designed to target math and simple equations. This app allows for students to do math problems any time, anywhere. This is great for students to use because there is only so much time in class to do math problems and repetition seems to be the best way to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. With this app, it is like a teacher is watching over the student as the work is done. Students can also do endless problems that a teacher just can not provide. This can also be directed by parents without them having to have much knowledge of the material. This app could be worked on during the summer to keep the student fresh and engaged during the break. A teacher would likely recommend this app to parents to guide them in a proper way to help students learn the basics of math.

This is a demo of the Mathboard App

Mathboard app helps students with basic arithmetic

#3 Fry Words

Fry Words is an app that can be used for elementary students, especially for those who are in the lower grade levels. It is an app designed to help enhances students reading and spelling skills. The idea is that there are only a select number of words used and through practice and constant repetition, a strong knowledge of these words will provide a good back bone for the rest of the words in the english language. This app would be great for second language learners who have a difficult time with the basics of the english language, especially for those who have the spoken english down but struggle with the written. This is a great tool for mobile learners because it can be worked on on a device that can be taken anywhere. You can work on word association any time of the day at any location. Much like the Mathboard app, teachers could recommend this app to parents to encourage their kids to use the app to enhance the classroom learning.

These are examples of 100 Fry Words

First 100 High Frequency Words - Introduction video with voice.

#4 Grammar Up

Grammar Up is a quiz based app that is used to help establish good grammar. There are a number of different tests and practice questions that students can take to help test a students grammar. Through the success and failure in this program, students can learn the proper ways to formulate sentences. This is a great app because it allows for students to get practice at times when a teacher can not provide problems. Much like math, learning grammar is based off of repetition. The more practice a student has, the more that student is going to learn. This app provides that practice and it can be used for all elementary grade levels. A teacher could use this app as a fun tester in the classroom or outside of the classroom for students.

Watch this video to see inside Grammar App

Grammar Up

#5 History:Maps of World

History: Maps of World in an app that provides a resource of maps and how they have shifted over time. Students can interactively use the maps to see why the changes were made. This is a great tool to be used to enhance social studies class depending on the unit. Students can take this app home and learn in a fun way about geography or it can be used as a compliment to an assignment. This app can be used for all grade levels depending on how involved with the app teachers want their students to get. A teacher could use this app as a research project for students. They could look up a change in the map around the Great War time period and have to report on why those changes took place.

This video has a short discription of History: Maps of World App.

History Maps of the World - video review by App Treasure Hunter

#6 Inkpad

Inkpad is an app designed with drawers in mind. This is a high quality program that can be used by anybody in education that is trying to design an image however primarily used by aspiring artists of any level. This app is a high performance drawing app that can surely be used to draw just about anything. Kids will love using this product and it will help engage those students who are not that fond of using pen and paper to draw. This app could be the main tool in a classroom for designing an art project. The nice feature about this being an mLearning tool is that when the bell rings for the end of school, the student can easily take their device home and continue working where as in a typical art class, students would not be able to bring all of the supplies home with them.

Watch this video for a tutorial on the Inkpad App

Apps Tutorial - Inkpad