Super Tornado OutBreak!!

By, Emma Schwartz & Jamie Goerlitz

When, where, and what happened

During a 4 day period from April 25-28 2011, over 200 tornadoes hit down in 5 southeastern states. The most deadly part was the afternoon of April 27th, when a total 122 tornadoes ended in 313 deaths across many stares, central and northern Mississippi, central and northern Alabama, eastern Tennessee, southwestern Virginia, and northern Georgia. There were 15 violent tornadoes, 8 tornadoes had paths of 60 miles long. 2 tornadoes struck Tuscaloosa and Birmingham areas both in Alabama each claimed more than 60 lives

Ecological Impact

Drought and excessive heat created major impacts across Texas, Oklahoma New Mexico Arizona, southern Kansas, western Louisianna, and north Mexico. Also 100 high-tension power transmission line towers were destroyed, most across northern Alabama. Cell phone and radio towers also were damaged or destroyed. Plant and animal life was also destroyed. And practically all buildings and homes were gone.