Digital Technologies in Education

ITC 5220

Final Reflection

This class was a great transition into the Instructional Technology program. I really appreciated the pace of the course and the time you allowed us to become familiar with our environment before asking us to dive into our first assignment. I thought the discussion groups for "The World is Flat" was a helpful way for getting to know one another and for learning how to navigate OpenQwaq quickly. The discussion groups also gave me a new insight to how I view the world around me. I enjoyed hearing everyone's opinions and discovering the diversity within our small group.

One of my favorite components of the class was your assigning of groups. I think this was a great way for branching out and meeting new classmates. If we had not been assigned groups, I'm afraid I would have worked with colleagues I already knew. I'm thankful you set up our groups for us because I've already made some great friends. It's a good feeling to know we are all in this program together. I'm looking forward to experiencing more together as a group.

"Bookmarked" Ideas:

Over this course, I've learned how I can use technology to enhance my lessons. I've "bookmarked" so many new ideas, tips, tricks and tools that I can use in my classroom on a day to day basis. One of my favorite resources is Diigo. I love Diigo because it's very similar to, which is another social bookmarking site. Here are a few more resources I've bookmarked and have already begun using in my classroom.

  • Web 2.0 Tools:

I learned about most of these 2.0 tools while working with my small groups. Some tools were mentioned while listening to other group's presentations. All of these 2.0 tools are very engaging and hands on. I think they make a great enhancer to any lesson.



-Voice thread

-Go Animate








-Google Docs


  • Computers as Mindtools:

I enjoyed the final project we did with the mindtools. I thought everyone's project projected great ways to integrate mindtools into the classroom. I enjoyed hearing all of the lesson ideas and how easily tools can be incorporated into daily lessons. I will take many ideas from the posters that were shared in OpenQwaq.

-Dynamic Modeling Tools

-Knowledge Construction Tools

-Interpretation Tools

-Conversation Tools

-Semantic Organization Tools

  • NETs for Teachers:

Even though we've only completed one course, I already feel as if I'm improving on how I use technology in the classroom. I've taken the recommendations from the NETs survey and I've applied them to my teachings. With the help from recommendations and suggestions, I am using tools that allow students to collaborate, communicate, be creative and think critically.

-Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity

-Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments

-Model Digital Age Work and Learning

-Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility

-Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership

Different Approaches:

As I reflect back over this course, I feel I've obtained many new understandings about technology and skills I can share. The area I felt the least growth in is with my reading group. I'm glad Stephanie Witten and I were assigned to the same discussion group; however, our opinions ended up being very similar. We are both K-2 teachers and therefore have a lot of similarities in the way we teach. Unfortunately, our other group members did not contribute to our discussions. I would have liked more opinions when discussing "The World is Flat". This would have given a broader understanding of how others related to the material, especially coming from a different Master's program. Even though we were able to view other groups' opinions, I hope to have more success when discussing core reading materials in future classes.

Plain and simple---When I struggle to figure out what I would approach differently, I know I've thoroughly enjoyed a class! I'm glad this was the biggest issue I had while completing this course. I hope to take all of the foundations and roots I've learned and apply them in my classes that are to come. Thank you for everything you've done!

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