Newsletter - Term 3, Week 6

Friday, 2 September 2022

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Board Elections Reminder

A reminder that voting closes on September 7 for electing our new Board of Trustees Members. The box is in the office and we would appreciate that any outstanding envelopes get returned to the school office and put into the ballot box.

Election of board members is an extremely important part running a successful school and they play an important role in governance and strategic planning.

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Kapa Haka - Otautau-E

Completed Tau Cards this week

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Classroom Happenings...


Last week we chose different design truss structures to build. The aim was to see how much stronger our beam bridge was when we added the truss structures to it.



Maker space and Cricket 'smash it' programme.


Twelve Boys One Man Stuck

In Thailand there were 12 boys and one man, stuck in a cave. They have been there before but this time they went in when it was raining and they got stuck in the cave. There were lots of ways around the cave.They were stuck in the cave for 9 days. They went into the caves on the 23rd of June 2018. And they were all trapped.

They were at soccer practice then they went to explore the cave. One of the boys' birthdays was the next day but they got stuck. The mum was worried. The mum and her friends were looking for the boys.

They found the boys' bikes at the entrance with their socks and shoes. She called the police and said my boy is missing with his team and coach in the cave. The police sent a search and rescue team. They saw that the cave was flooded so they got navy divers to go and search in the cave for them.

They had no food for ten days. They found the boys and they got a doctor to look after them so that they didn’t eat too much and get too sick. They also sent in something to purify the water so they could drink it.

They had to find a way out so that all of them would be able to get out of the cave. They could stay in the cave for months until the monsoon season was over, swim them out or drill a new entrance. They decided that swimming them out was best.

They got oxygen tanks and masks. They were knocked out using anaesthetic so they could take the boys out of the cave. There were divers at each point to check if the boys were ok. All the boys made it out alive.

To conclude all the boys were at soccer practice then they went to the cave and got stuck in the cave. The navy divers went to go and find them once they found them they knocked them out with anaesthetic and lifted them out to their parents alive and safe.

By Caleb Nicolson

School Board Elections

Voting closes this Wednesday 7th September at 4pm

Please make sure your voting papers are place into the ballot box at the school office, or they can be posted to: Returning Officer, Otautau School, 15 Elles Road, Otautau.

Julie Guttery

Returning Officer

School Bank Account Details

Below is the school bank details which is our preferred payment method.

There is also eftpos available at the office.

Westpac: 03 1748 0003820 00


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Winton Football’s 5 aside Summer League 2022

We are now calling for those interested in playing in this competition to contact the club on to be sent an entry form and the rules. Fees are $100 per adult team and $10 per player in the junior grades. Intended start date is Thursday 20 October 2022 for 8 weeks. Last day for registration is 30 September 2022.

Otautau School Policies

Username: “otautau” Password: “otautauschool”

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