Depressed Daily

by Uttam and Antonio- based on interviews

BODY has been identified as Lenny Baker!!!

Death of a man found near the Salines River. The body has been identified as Lenny Baker. Suspect George Winston has been found and interviewed. Witnesses nearby heard a gunshot on the way to find Lenny Baker. If you look below you can find the exclusive interview. Call 1-800-FUNERALS and ask for an invitation to the Funeral. Mourn until 4 PM!

The Death of the local farm girl??!!!!!!

George Winston's Exclusive Interview!!!

Interviewer: What is your name?

George: My name is George Winston.

Interviewer: Do you admit to the killing of Lenny Baker?

George: Yes.

I: Why did you kill him?

G: I had to save him from dying in the wrong hands.

I: Will you care to explain???

G: Lenny killed Curley's wife. And he was going to die. And I didn't want it.

I: Who's Curley?

G: Curley is James Curley Davidson, and Curley's wife was the local farm girl that died on the same day as Lenny. It all started when Lenny ran away. Curley was going to kill him, and everyone knew that. And I never wanted any of this to happen! Never! One thing led to another and I knew he was going to dies anyway. It's exactly like killing someone when there in so much pain you can't bear to see it. And you don't want someone else, a STRANGER to hurt your best friend, NO, you have to do it yourself! Look, I had to do it! He was always my responsibility and this time I had enough of it and I knew that I had to break the circle.

I: Thank you for your time. I think I have enough...


I was going to find a job and walked on the road when I saw a big and strong man going to the river.So i stop for a moment and i went to a brush to see what was he doing.He looked like he was waiting for someone.A few minutes later a little and skinny guy came and they talked about having land until when i saw a bullet going to the big guy's head.I never tough that will happen and never forget that moment.
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