World Hunger: Can it be Solved?

We have the solution!

How to stop World Hunger:

First off, I believe that we live in an age where we have food of plenty! But, we are selfish people. People who go out and support the poor by bringing them meals are blessings. However, not everyone tends to make a separate meal that's not for them. However, I have a solution.

The Solution:

The Way to Stop World Hunger!

I feel the best way to solve World Hunger is to just give half of all the food we buy for ourselves to the poor! It would be a law called the Benevolent Breakfast law. This would require all citizens of America to set aside half their purchased food bought in stores to be set aside to be made into meals for the less fortunate. This way, everyone would be receiving the same amount of food! This would solve the problem for children starving in the streets! The poor wouldn't have to worry about where there next meal is going to come from. Everyone could be assigned a family that they have to cook for at least twice a day: Breakfast and Dinner. This would be one HUGE step towards ending World Hunger!