Do you just want to relax?

This island will solve your problems...

Are you tired of people surrounding you and annoying you?

People in the city are sometimes very disruptive. So why not just be alone away from civilization? Why wouldn't you want to be alone. Tired of your loved ones, family, and even friends? Like no one understands you? Maybe you just need to be left alone. Come here to this island and the island will solve this for you!

You Would Love To Come here!! Why?

Even though there are sounds in this house, these "sounds" just want to help all of your problems. See for yourself.
Amazing CREEPY 3D Holophonic Sound (For headphones users)

Come to Indian Island!

Indian Island just wants you to forget your problems from before and just make you have a new life full of joy!

Like Philip Lombard said before " He fancied that he was going to enjoy himself at Indian Island"

We have proof of of joy!

People have came to indian island. Mostly everyone liked it and never came back. Our customer, Frank Wilshere had an interview with us and explained to us why the island is great. " I loved that island. I dont know why I came back, but all I know was that when i was at the island, everything from the past was forgotten.. And I found new friends."