Titan Hill's MakerSpace

Unlocking the Potential of MakerSpaces for our students

What is a MakerSpace?

MakerSpaces are difficult to define. Essentially they are a "space" where students are allowed to explore, collaborate and learn by "making" or creating. The power of MakerSpaces is that it is student-driven: students experiment and explore what is of interest to them. MakerSpaces can take many forms and be as high-tech or low-tech as the materials available within them.
What is a MakerSpace?

Why a MakerSpace?

Students learn by doing. By allowing students to explore and create in a MakerSpace, we are reinforcing inquiry, critical thinking and problem-solving, creativity, collaboration and communications.

MakerSpace Ideas

The MakerSpace can be in a variety of ways, both for free exploration or in direct support of the curriculum!

Here are just a few ideas that have been implemented or brainstormed:

Implemented Ideas:

  • Ghost Traps-- Students used MakerSpace materials to create a trap for ghosts. Students then wrote about their traps (how the inventions worked, created a story, reflected on the process, etc.)
  • Area vs. Perimeter-- Students created models to demonstrate the difference between area and perimeter. Students then presented their creations to their classmates in a mini-MakerFaire

Brainstormed Ideas:

  • Force and Motion-- Students can use materials from the MakerSpace to create models that demonstrate force and motion.
  • Circuits-- Students can use materials from the MakerSpace to experiment with circuitry, to discover how circuits work and to practice create working circuits.

Our MakerSpace Materials List

The attached Google Doc has a list of the materials currently available through the Titan Hill MakerSpace.
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Additonal MakerSpace Readings & Resources

MakerSpace Symbaloo by Shannon Miller

Lynn Kleinmeyer

Lynn Kleinmeyer is the Teacher Librarian at Titan Hill Intermediate, a 2nd-5th grade building in Council Bluff's Lewis Central School District. Prior to becoming the Teacher Librarian, Lynn taught 7th grade Reading for 13 years in Plattsmouth, NE.