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Pilot Perseverance

Click on the link below to watch a 'Take A Child To Work Day' video that will show your child what it's like to be an airplane pilot. See what it's like to sit in the cockpit and the simulator sure will thrill the gamers out there! Since we are all using social distancing and parents are looking for ways to entertain the kids... why not try your hand at making paper airplanes, just like Shylee. Have some friendly competitions and see who can glide the longest, farthest, or see who can decorate their airplane the craziest! Enjoy!
Pilot Perseverance - Small Sparks, Big Dreams - SEASON 2

This Video Teaches Children About Being A Pilot

Up, up and away, a pilot's career is thrilling and in high demand! North Cast Flight School is one of many places that people can attend to earn a different kind of wings... pilot wings, of course!

Flying a plane doesn't have to be just a fantasy. Some dedicated students, learn that flying a plane is a lot like driving a car with a steering wheel, foot petals, an accelerator, and of course BREAKS! Students who have perseverance can make their goal of achieving their pilot license come true!

Becoming a pilot is a process that includes studying to pass written exams, and hours and hours of practice both in a simulator, and actual flights with an instructor.

PERSEVERANCE means that a person just doesn't quit... doesn't give up... have GRIT! Becoming a pilot doesn't happen quickly, it takes something special to complete the training journey.

Be an awesome 'Spark Champion' and support your children's dreams. You never know, they could have the perseverance to get their 'wings' some day!

Dance and sing about having a #coolcareer!


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