Socialising With EXETER

The EPS Student Newsletter Team

Meet The Team

Here's an introduction for the teachers, students and parents reading our newly produced student newsletter created by:

Our reporters, Kasey Walters, Nikita Causley and Brandon Leary. The Graphic designers, Satine Bunney and Zac Jelfs. Our photographers, Georgia Woods, Chloe Cousens and Mikala Duniam. Also, our editor, Morganie Tulk.

Joke Of The Week

What is a snakes favourite subject?


Knock knock, who's there?


Canoe who?

Canoe help me with my homework

About Us

Socialising With Exeter is run completely by the grade six students of Exeter Primary.

Contact us via Email.

This paper is an online production and is posted on the Facebook account of Exeter Primary but if you wish to have your own copy please Email us and we'll send you a copy.