S.O. Informational Flyer Alisa ONeill


3 ways to be safe while cleaning are:
  1. clean all spills a.s.a.p.
  2. put out wet floor sign
  3. wear p.p.e ( ex. gloves and shoes with grips )

Cleaning Schedules

Purpose of a cleaning schedule is to demonstrate what areas need to be cleaned by certain days and times.

Cleaning Products

3 cleaning products we use are: window cleaner, sanitary spray, and floor cleaner.




2 ways to clean windows: with a squeegee and with window cleaner and a yellow rag.


3 items we disinfect in the hospital room, are the phone, the call light, and the light switch.

Bed Changing

  • The purpose of sanitary bed changing is to prevent a sickness or an infection from spreading from one patient to another.
4 techniques to sanitary bed changing are don't hold pillowcases or sheets against you, put items on a clean surface, roll it, and wash hands.