Comparative Poetry Analysis

Emma Queisser 3rd Hour


Many poems have different themes and feelings. Some may be calm and heartfelt, others might be funny or entertaining. Just like life, poems may be surprising. One can be about a calm death or a poem about a mango smashing you in the head and killing you. One thing about poems that I like is that they are all different. They all have different tone and word choice, different language, and different structure. In this poem you will hear about two different poems about nature. One is called "Problems with Hurricanes" and another one is called "Sleeping in the Forest".


Both poems have a lesson. In "Sleeping in the Forrest" I thought the lesson was "Be ready because you never know when something big is going to happen." In "Problems with Hurricanes" I thought the lesson was something simple like "Be brave" or "Die honorably". But in the end, these poems made me think about life because you never know when it all can be gone.